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  1. Hi Sue, I just came across your post about printer paper. I also use an Epson 1400. If I'm working on a project with lots of digital pages, I use 13x19 or 11x24" paper. I use Photoshop Elements 11 and open a new blank page. I either merge or flatten a copy of each finished digital page and copy and paste each page as a separate layer on the new large (13x19 or 11x24" )page. That way I can move the individual layers (pages) around to make the best use of the large paper I'll be printing on. I normally use Epson Ultra Premium Luster or Ultra Premium Glossy. For some tags, etc., I use Ultra Premium Presentation Matte. Also, I always make sure to change the "Printer Profile" setting in the Epson 1400 printer dialogue box for the particular type of paper I'm using. Example: if I'm using Ultra Premium Luster, I change the Printer Profile setting to 1410 PLPP. There is a page in the Epson 1400 Manual that lists the Printer Profiles for the different types of Epson paper and instructions for changing the settings and how to use the Advance Printer Settings. I hope this helps even though it's awfully late (April - October!). Suzie