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  1. From the album: Various Pages

    We are thinking of you Michelle Prom Collection by Julie Enriquez
  2. Valerie and Marnie.Good Luck in your endeavors.. You will be greatly missed here at SG.

    1. BarbaraC1977


      Yes, you will. I'm sorry to see you go.

  3. Oh I am so adding this one to my favorites. You do realize that my favorites have pages of your LO's. Now to actually lift one one of these days.
  4. No MOJO!!! Can someone pass me some please.

  5. I'm leaving today. Was suppose to leave yesterday, but couldn't. I'm very excited. Haven't been there since a child.

  6. Julie - scrapaholic

    Stampede Breakfast

    This looks like a fun time. I like your overall design on this one. Very nicely done.
  7. Thank you for your comment on my Remember When LO. It was a hard one for me to scrap. So not my style.

  8. What a cutie is right. This is beautiful. I love all the embellishments.
  9. Well this was more of a challenge for me than just using the color turquoise. I so stepped out of my comfort zone with this LO. Still not so sure about it, so CC is very welcomed. I also covered a Thursday challenge with this one by using an item that I bought and hadn't used yet. That would be the Inner Frames by Valerie Randall. Putting this in my Project SG too. Trying to cover a lot of challenges in one.
  10. Oh how precious. Way to cute. I'm liking the heart chicken wire. I have that set and haven't really utilized it much. Thanks for the idea.
  11. This is a beautiful Tribute, and I'm sure very healing to you as well. This came out beautifully.
  12. Wow is right. It is very artistic and beautiful. Love it.
  13. Oh this is beautiful. I love the swirls the flowers the soft colors. Well I love it all really.
  14. Great 2 pager. I like the water type BG paper you picked, and the overall design of the photo placement. Looks like she had a fun party.
  15. Just saw you lovely new group that your listed under. Congrats!!!!

  16. Oh I really like that shirt paper, very nice touch on this LO. Nice color choice and design.
  17. Stunning! Majestic indeed. That color of the tree and the way you layered the photo. Perfectly done.
  18. Julie - scrapaholic

    Baby Love

    This LO popped right out at me this morning when I went into the gallery. Love it.
  19. Wow, this is stunning, and I'm with Debi, but I'll take door number 2 please.
  20. Oh how cute. Great use of all the embellishments. He's all ready for work.
  21. That is a silly photo, and love the way you scrapped it. Made it look like a fun LO to go with the fun photo.
  22. Fun LO and how you tied the western theme into the western boots. I totally love those boots BTW. I think Trish you need to go back and get them, but come when I'm there. Awesome LO Rosemary.
  23. He is so cute, and I like the way you did the title work on this. Such a sweet and adorable page, just like Thomas is.
  24. Nice Layout, I like all the shapes that you used, and using the swimming photo for the back ground. good job on this one.
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