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  1. Barb Hughes

    Questions About the New Forum

    Thank you Carla... how did you find that link? I searched all over my profile for it.
  2. Barb Hughes

    Questions About the New Forum

    Back after a long absence and find my scrapped pages are no long in the gallery... Where are they?
  3. Working on a project for a calendar and stopped to see if SG had what I needed in a template for 2017. Good to see you all again!
  4. Barb Hughes

    70's Dance Party And Challenge!

    THANK YOU, ladies! That was fun! I chose the Media Circus Masks... stay tuned!
  5. Barb Hughes

    70's Dance Party And Challenge!

    Here's my layout for the 70s http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/160139-its-about-time-70s-inspiration-chat/
  6. Great time in the chat! Zoomba kit very helpful to give "the look" for this costume layout for Old Fashion Day in 2011. BMU Zoomba misc (title made from Zoomba mini crackle pink) KSC_EverSoLovely_PaperSupMini_Torn-Aqua KSC_LovelyYou_Paper_Chevron-Aqua BEH checkerboard-sq (My design)

    © 2015 Barbara E Hughes

  7. Barb Hughes

    70's Dance Party And Challenge!

    I'll try to catch some of the chat, but sure don't know any 70s dance stuff, except the few I recall from movies (Staying Alive...) Sorry I missed so much stuff lately. Still busier than a one-arm paper hanger!
  8. Barb Hughes

    Midwest Meet Up Fall 2015 ?

    I am counting my pennies and checking again... grandson, Joe, will graduate the weekend prior... not sure I can $$ afford to be gone that long... lodging expenses will be awful. Need to be in San Antonio Oct 7 for events Oct 8-10. Then free to get away for five unscheduled days, etc. prior to Meet -up. Could meet friends / family in the area, but need to look into particulars before I buy tickets and lodging. Will keep you posted!
  9. Barb Hughes

    Midwest Meet Up Fall 2015 ?

    I am looking into my schedule and still need a roommate if I can attend. If Joy and I can meet up in TX and ride up, its a LONG ride, don't you know? Then I drive back with Sandi to WA state, so the possibilities are still too fractured to be concrete. Grandson graduates Air Force bootcamp in Oct (dates uncertain), so I may be able to combine the trips if the weekends are back to back. (Not so much if they collide.) On the other hand, I may not be able to do either. (Sigh) EDIT: BOO! 12 hr drive to KC from SA! I may as well buy a R/T ticket. ugh UPDATE: Joe's grad date is Oct 16, so I will have to do that, if I go anywhere that week. Sorry, was looking forward to this! Maybe another year!
  10. Barb Hughes

    HNC- NATURE- Montana 2010 2 pg

    Hope this works for the double spread

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