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  1. As always Angie has fixed the problem for me. Just another example of why ScrapGirls is the best company out there! Using a better extraction program if you are using Win 7 is a great idea. Just to recap, if you are using Windows and see green file names on your files, know that those indicate that the files are encrypted by Windows and that you should un-encrypt them RIGHT AWAY! You won't have any problem if you don't as long as you don't change computers, but if for any reason you move to a new computer when you copy your files on to it you won't be able to access any files that were encrypted by your previous computer. Un-encrypting is easy as long as you are on the same computer. Just go to Properties, General Tab, Advanced button, uncheck "Encrypt contents to secure data", click OK, make sure it is set to un-encrypt all subfolders and files also, then OK again. The unencrypted file names turn black, and you know you're safe.
  2. Yep, only Mac zipped files that are unzipped by Windows 7, and as I understand there is some way the Mac user can prevent this but I don't know what it is, and at this point that doesn't help me. And if I had known what the green text meant when I first unzipped them I could have unencrypted them then very simply using the Properties dialog box. But I didn't know that the green text meant anything, and the new computer doesn't know the encryption key that the old computer used to encrypt them. I have not been able to find any fix at all, although I see that Windows 8 fixed the problem going forward. As there are only 4 collections, all recent I think, I will email Angie. And maybe I should post a message about seeing green text for unzipped files, just so people know those files are encrypted and that they should immediately unencrypt them.
  3. I have been trying to use several collections (JSM_YouMeUs, JSM_Nip&Tuck, EMA_SnapOutOfIt and LLO_SSPaper_SignsTimes). I have found that I cannot view or open these files because they are encrypted, they show up with green file names in Windows Explorer and Bridge. I've researched this (see some excerpts below that I copied from various forums) and found that this is an error made by Windows 7 when it unzips zipped files from a Mac user. In unzipping the file, it encrypts them. (Google "green folders from Mac zip files" for more explanation as well as my excerpts below.) If you know about this up front you can unencrypt them by going into the Properties, Advanced, and unchecking the box for "encrypt contents to secure files". But here's the catch: you can do this, IF you are still working on the original computer that you downloaded them onto. However, in my case I downloaded them on to my old computer. Which I no longer have. I have a new upgraded computer with all my files copied on to it. This means that I get an error when I try to unencrypt them, which says "You will need to provide administrator permission to change these attributes." When I click Continue, as it instructs, I then get the error telling me that "Access is denied". When I dig further into the problem it appears that because the original computer is not available, therefore the administrator for that computer is not available, and that is what the system is looking for. Without it, I cannot get permission to view or open the files or to unencrypt them. If anyone knows a way to get these unencrypted so that I can use them, will you help me!? If no one knows of a way, then everyone downloading using Win 7 should immediately unencrypt any and all files that show up with green file names so that you don't run into this encryption problem when you eventually move/upgrade to a different computer. Excerpts copied from various forums to further explain issues: "An interesting little bug in the process of creating a .zip file on a mac and moving it over to a Windows computer. When the Mac system encrypts the files, it marks them with the attribute of being UNIX based files. Correct considering the Mac operating system is based on UNIX. The problem arises at the Windows end. Because Windows is created by the most arrogant computer company in the world, it does not recognise that a .zip file could have been created with a computer that is not running Windows. It fails to correctly see the flag as UNIX and marks the files as Encrypted." Talking about why unchecking the "encrypt contents to secure files" in the properties tab does not solve the problem: "This only works if you are still using exactly the same user account on the original machine. If your files transfer and you try to open them under a new account it doesn’t matter if your administrator and owner, you cannot break the encryption because the encrypt keys are bound to original account. In other words, you’re screwed."
  4. Thanks so much all of you. I'm not sure who I'm going to use for book printing but I will look at that Blurb template. I want to create my books so that they would comply with most printers' requirements for that size so I don't have to commit in advance.
  5. Thanks so much all of you, you have confirmed the initial impression I have been getting as I go through the initial tutorials. I have Lightroom and Photoshop to do the photos and create any artwork but I like the idea of making my books more book-like, as now I plan to print them as books using a service. I'm glad to know that some of you are using InDesign already as I work on learning it!
  6. I see the last question in the forum related to InDesign was in 2012, I'm wondering if anyone is currently using it to create their scrapbooks? I've started learning it and it seems like the application best suited to creating books, even those that are all about the photos. I'm wondering if there are loads of people using it but just not posting about it, or if no one is using it. If not, I wonder why not? It is costly, and I am finding it does have quite a substantial learning curve. But for making books it looks like it would be easier than anything else once you knew how to use it. Anyone out there scrapping with it?
  7. All of your comments are very helpful and have been inspiring me. I have done layouts in both orientations. I have realized that the reason I have preferred to lay out photos in landscape is that the monitor orientation is landscape. When I turned my monitor on end so it was oriented in portrait, it became easier to lay out in portrait orientation. The conclusion I draw, for myself anyway, is that I can create pages I like either way, it just takes a short amount of time to get used to the change. But pages created in landscape are nicer if they are intended to be viewed on the monitor, because the monitor itself is landscape. But for printing books...I may have to alter my thinking. I own only 1 bound book, a sewing book, printed in landscape and I store it upwards on its spine so it fits into the bookshelf with the others. When I'm reading it, holding it open, it is very short and double-wide. When I read it I don't see any advantage in having it so wide compared to the height, in fact the flow from page to page is not as good, perhaps because I am used to reading books that are taller than they are wide. An 8.5 tall x 11 wide book held open is 8.5 tall by 22 wide, whereas an 11" tall x 8.5 wide opens only to 17" wide. See what I mean? The proportions when the book is held open are more square when the pages are printed in portrait and the two pages read more as a single page when the whole thing is more square. Thinking about creating a book rather than a page is causing me to rethink a lot of things about my layouts, but books are the way that I want to go so I may have to consider a new set of best practices for making pages. Like gutters and bleed, which some have mentioned, and text placement. I wonder too if it would be okay to put a few landscape oriented individual pages into portrait oriented books. Has anyone done that?
  8. This is a question for all of you who have gotten books made by a printing service or are thinking of doing so: I have recently switched from square pages to 8.5x11 pages and I that proportion, and that size paper is far less expensive too. So far I have made mine oriented in landscape, the 11" being the width, which works well for viewing on a monitor. But I am now planning to start using printing services which create bound books. I know you can get the books with the pages oriented either way, and for simplicity I'd like to pick one orientation and stay with it for all my layouts. I'm wondering if the portrait orientation is a better choice, since an 11" tall x 8.5" wide book would sit better on a shelf and might also be more pleasing to look at and just generally feel more balanced when viewing and turning pages in a book. Can I ask, for those using an 8.5x11 type layout configuration, which orientation do you prefer and why?
  9. I am going to join also, not a photo a day, but maybe a double layout per month, or even 1 page per week if I have enough to take pictures of!
  10. That's what I want to do, have something organized that's simple and doesn't make it so big a project that I can't do it. I've already set up copies of all the templates I plan to use into a folder just for the project, with subfolders by month, and am now adding some of the customization that can be done ahead of time. The hope is that then I can just fill in the journaling based on my diary style text file and choose the photos by date, as Becky suggested. I'm thinking of using background papers and embells from the ScrapGirls club each month to round out the pages...or maybe I'll choose them based on the photo content. I'm inspired by all of you who've done this before! Thank you all!
  11. Becky, thank you, this is a great idea, the hardest part of big projects is the organization and I have found (too many times!) that just trying to remember what happened does not work! I'm setting this up today, thanks!
  12. Thanks Diane, I've been watching as new project life layouts get posted, and that gallery is one of the reasons that I'm inspired, and confident enough, to try such a project myself. It is reassuring to have that gallery to look through for ideas and inspiration, I am thankful that so many artistic people share their pages!
  13. Thanks Melanie. After reading your reply I decided that this would make a good over-arching format for a 2015 project life photobook so I went ahead and got it. After looking through the files I see that my first guess was close, the templates included are the journaling/writing portions while the Pocket Page Grids are used for the photo pages, although as you said you can place photos instead of text in many places on the writing/planner pages and she shows some examples of this. It looks like a good framework for creating a whole photobook. I am not sure how I'm going to do organize my project, but I love the pocket life projects posted by others on the forum, so I'm looking forward to trying this in 2015. Thanks for your reply :-). I will try to post my pages as I complete them next year! And thanks to Jacqui for such a nice kit.
  14. I'm intrigued by Jacqui Smith's new 365 Planner 2015 digital layout templates and wondering if they might provide a good basis for a Project Life 2015 photo book project. I haven't done such a project before. In the description it says: "combine with my Pocket pageGrids for a complete solution." I'm not sure what this means. A complete solution to what? Does it mean that the writing parts of the planner are included in the product, but there are no template pages for photos included? And thus she is recommending the page grids to provide photo templates so you can complete the day planner? Or does "complete solution" imply that the pocket page grids would expand the kit so that it could better be used for photobooks? Or something else? And a second question for those of you who have done a Year-in-the-life-of-type photo book project: Is this type of layout template a good fit for that, or is another type more suited? Your thoughts are much appreciated, as always, I find the collective wisdom in this community to be always so helpful to me!