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  1. LisaLynn

    ETB_ SFW

    Your photos are truly amazing and the layout highlights it beautifully. This is wonderful.
  2. I also love the diamonds, the backgrounds, the balance, everything about this layout, it whole things is really wonderful.
  3. OMG. I can't add anything to the previous comments, but...wow.
  4. Wow. I keep coming back to look at this. It is so artistic, the photo looks so great as you've done it...for me sightseeing photos can be difficult to do, or at least to do in a way that really captures the magic of the moment and the feel of the place. This one really does. I'm keeping it as a favorite for inspiration.
  5. I love both these project life pages, the photos are so vibrant that to me the flower embells you used seem just the right amount on both of them. I also love the pictures, the variety you chose and the contrast in size/focus.
  6. Oh, love the pop that the bright patterned paper behind gives and the way you flew the kite embellishment over the page! Your photos are fab too!
  7. Revealing this through the background implies a sort of "found" aspect to the building, which seems just right for the memory of your walk. I love the faint Hiking wordart and the framing from the cluster too. Such a lovely page.
  8. Wow, this is really fabulous, your technique would make a wonderful full tutorial, maybe ScrapGirls could do something to convince you to write one? I want to try to use this as inspiration but doubt that I can achieve results as great as this. I love how you did the background "desktop" portion of the page too, so perfect with the journal artwork.
  9. LisaLynn


    A favorite layout, I love everything about this. Especially the modern artistic elements combined with the classic still-life subject, just done so well, it is beautiful.
  10. I have to print this out to hang on the ribbon board in my office, you are really a wonderful artist ... I'm sure others have said this already, but ... you are! (And I agree, the quote is perfect).
  11. I keep looking back and forth through your album, it captures you both so well and is just simply beautiful, as you wedding too was. I wish you so many blessings.
  12. What a great set of pages, I love the photos you included and the story as well as the layout you chose. I haven't done any project 52 layouts, but this is a great inspiration, thanks for sharing it.
  13. Oh the poor girl! I am a horse-person and have been all my life, and I can imagine what you must have felt to see this. And how thankful you are that there is a hopeful treatment. I will send prayers up for her, she is a lovely girl, and her having the temperament to put up with the sedation and the cast is a blessing. I do so hope that all goes well as she heals up.
  14. I agree, this drew my eye immediately, elegant and oh so pretty.
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