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  1. Here is an option!
  2. I like how you created that background paper and how you incorporated it into the layout template. What a fun memory to scrapbook!
  3. Love this layout! Such a darling photo and love how you put this together. The patterned paper and the circular "doily" type paper look great.
  4. What a great layout! Love everything about it - the composition, the coloring, the photo ... I love how you used the edging brush as an accent at the bottom.
  5. What a sweet layout - love the soft pinks and purples that accent that adorable photo. I like what you did with the background paper as well as the floral embellishment!
  6. Such a a great layout! When I saw your layout in the newsletter, I recognized that word art from Brush Set: Grandparents 2 and wanted to come tell you thanks for using it!
  7. Hi Lou Ann, It took me a little bit of digging, but I found the image for that Special - turns out it was May 8th. I don't know for sure who created the word art for this special, but if I had to guess, I would guess it's Amanda (or maybe Brandy?).
  8. Another possibility is that those are a designer's initials, although we don't have any designers currently at ScrapGirls with those initials.
  9. Such a cute layout! Love the way you used the torn notebook shapes for the photos!
  10. Such a cute layout! I love your sticky notes and the doodles. And you know ... as far as nothing much to see in Nevada, you could visit me! Lake Tahoe is really beautiful too.
  11. Yaaay! So glad it's working! Phew - what a relief!
  12. I love this layout! The overall coloring and the arrangement of the photos and embellishments are really great!
  13. Having lots of brushes and other presets loaded at the same time can tend to slow down your software. I just load the brushes that I need as I need them and they stay there until I get around to unloading them.
  14. I'm so glad we were able to help you, Cathy (and Debby!)!
  15. Simplify layer should work. Don't flatten image or you won't be able to edit the layers anymore. But try simplify layer and see if that helps!