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  1. This is my go-to slow cooker recipe. The whole family loves it served on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes.
  2. Went to Dr today. Severe laryngitis. No work for next week and a half. No talking allowed. Oh well might get some pages done.

    1. A-M


      Sorry to read this.. it is all this hot weather we are having.

    2. MariJ


      So sorry, Karen. Take it easy and hope you feel better.

    3. AggieB


      I'm sorry, that is very difficult. Resist the urge to answer questions and the phone.

  3. This looks yummy! Not quite sure what a peanut vinaigrette is and if we have it in Australia. What else could I use instead of the peanut vinaigrette? Great job on the recipe card!
  4. Thanks Barbara. The definition that I think suits Speck the best is: A fatty bacon that is taken from pork belly and smoked over beechwood with herbs and spices. Speck is too fatty to be eaten raw, and is used primarily to flavor soups and sauces. It is produced in Tyrol, Italy which is near the Swiss border, hence the German sounding name. Hope that helps.
  5. Here is my Chicken Corn Chowder recipe for the Soup Recipe Swap. Its Summer in Australia at the moment and with temps over 100F its hard to think about soup but I do love this chowder as does everyone who tastes it. Enjoy.
  6. Just been to our daughter's Award night at school. She came away with three different awards. I am definitely a proud mum tonight.

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    2. MariJ


      Awww.. NIce and congratulations, you deserve to be proud! Can't wait to see pics and layout! :)

    3. GinnyW


      How Wonderful! Congrats!

    4. AggieB



  7. Just finished work for 7 weeks. Yeah Baby!!!

  8. I know I havent been around for a while so why is there no new content when I click on View New Content?

    1. teecee


      It's kind of "out of order" and probably won't be fixed until the next forum upgrade is completed. Sorry!

  9. Hey gorgeous. Long time no talk. I hope you and the family are all well. Miss you guys xoxo

  10. Here is my layout for the Brush Chat. Please note this layout was scraplifted from Brandy Murry's layout "Summer Means Going Barefoot". I just loved Brandy's layout and I thought this was the perfect photo to go with it. Thanks for looking and thanks for the challenge.
  11. Here is my layout for the colour challenge.
  12. Here is my layout for the Sketch Challenge. No sure if Im completely happy with this layout but you never know it may grow on me lol.
  13. Here is my layout for the Saturday Colour Challenge. Thanks for looking.
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