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  1. You make really neat LOs!

    1. scrappinchar


      Aww, thanks! :wub: I appreciate that. 

  2. Thanks. To be "fair," the ribbons were already twined together. They were part of a cluster with the 2 flowers and the blue lace. (Didn't want to take credit for it. lol)
  3. Here's mine for the first half of February.
  4. First half of February. So many pics, so keeping things simple. Used: Reminisce - Collection Biggie Reminisce - Collection Mini ValuePack: In a Mood 5-8 (I added the large rectangle at the top to add another picture and to make it all fit to my 8.5 x 11 layout.) Not sure what happened to the credits I added. I'll add them again.
  5. You had me singing, too! Lovely layout.
  6. Neat ideas here. Looks great. I don't think I've seen a mushroom like that before.
  7. Cool layout. I like the notebook aspect.
  8. Neat idea! Looks lovely.
  9. Nice blending of your neat picture. I like the background paper mushrooms, too.
  10. So interesting! Neat idea.
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