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  1. Really can't believe this year is almost over either.
  2. Welcome Julie. Looking forward to seeing your designs
  3. Hi KTB, I haven't used PSE for many years but I definitely think using "Simplify" would work. I'm assuming you want to bring the embellishments/letters into Procreate after you've applied a Style? But that effect isn't there when you bring it into Procreate? And there are no silly questions. We all learn by asking questions. And often the questions we ask, will help someone else who has a similar issue. Hope you manage to figure it out.
  4. Thank you Hilary. Yes, really love living in Cornwall. My kits will definitely have an English feel including some English spellings as well as US.
  5. Hi Jane, thank you. And yes, I remember. I'm working on a very similar themed kit - very updated. I now live in the far south west of the UK, in Cornwall. And it's so beautiful and inspires a lot of my designs. I knew I had to do another seaside/beach/ocean themed one to update my original one. It's good to be back
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