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  1. Looks like my dog Sara!! Love it: Sweet!!
  2. Digi-Scrap


  3. Great minds think alike: I was thinking the same thing. My given name being Cynthia, I have found recent interest in these as well. Love forsythia's for that reason, being so close to my name & a strong plant besides: suits me perfectly!!
  4. Love it, I feel like I'm almost walking the trail, it is such a lovely picture to look @.
  5. Awesome job, I love the look of another blended picture in it, with the font, which appears to be a blend in my PSP 9 called: Difference: the dark blend with the picture coming through it. Congrats on the L.O.T.W.
  6. Digi-Scrap

    BAA BAA Black Sheep

    I love that song!!
  7. Digi-Scrap


    Great reflection layout, love the picture of you looking into the window, as though looking into the future. Not sure what all those words say, however more important, is that you know it. I enjoyed reading the larger printed area's of the page.
  8. Perfect flower with this wonderful layout.
  9. Digi-Scrap

    SSPaper Tutorial

    Well done-N-Loving it: love the bird, with the various BG's!!
  10. Digi-Scrap

    Autumn's Smile

    Lovely Autumn smile, keep smiling!! While I love summer, I welcome the cooler weather, as a nice change to the hot heat that summer brings on!!
  11. Love the way The Autumn colors show well against the black & white & gray!!
  12. Awesome L.O.: I love the wording around the owl.
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