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  1. OK! I hope more people come by and make a suggestion.
  2. Celestine, I have an an Outdoor Dad Collection, it is not exactly hunting but more overall outdoors, fishing, hunting, camping etc... It might help some. You can see it with lots of sample layouts here: http://store.scrapgirls.com/Outdoor-Dad-Collection-Biggie.html
  3. Thank you Angie! I made them so that you can journal on them and still see what is underneath a little. So you can put them over photos partially as well.
  4. Thanks for asking! That was a fun action to make, but I decided not to keep updating it. I know! I am sorry. Adobe was changing faster than I could keep up and in general I am not an action designer. So it got kinda complicated.
  5. Thanks Angie, I was coming to say the same.
  6. It was just written instructions that I had on the old blog. I closed it a few years ago. Sorry Sue! I hope you can follow the video OK, but let me know if you don't understand something.
  7. AR.....It was part of the ScrapSimple Club a few years ago. That's why you probably didn't see it. Glad you found something new to play with
  8. The ladies are right! The PNG files are for NON Photoshop Users and the JPGS are just previews so you know which PSD file to pick. For the layout with the blonde lady, the photo is actually on the back and 2 blender layers ore on top with papers clipped to them. Hope this helps!
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