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  1. Brandy M


    Thank you! 😘
  2. Brandy M

    Welcome Img Thread Art

    Hey PattyAnne! So glad you dropped in! Glad you found something new to play with
  3. Brandy M

    Sneak Peek 06/14

  4. Brandy M

    Sneak Peek 4/12

  5. Brandy M

    What colors are you scrapping with

    Ha ha I was just thinking how I could make this into a desktop background.. I think we all could use that advice!
  6. Brandy M

    What colors are you scrapping with

    Tim Gunn ~ "Make it Work" Love that guy
  7. Brandy M

    What colors are you scrapping with

    Me too.. I consider green a neutral.. goes with everything!
  8. Brandy M

    What colors are you scrapping with

    I usually don't scrap based on seasonal colors unless it is a seasonal layout (like Christmas etc....) My everyday layouts just seem to follow my current and ever changing color palette obsessions. Right now I am loving Navy & Blush
  9. Brandy M

    Cruise Collections

  10. Brandy M

    Cruise Collections

    Hi Kelly, Your post popped up in my inbox and it made me think of my Anchors collection. It's not "cruise", but it is nautical with a boat theme. It might work for you... you can find the Value Pack HERE (individuals are available too). How lucky you are to go on this trip with your daughter! Hope you both have a great time!
  11. Brandy M

    Sneak Peek 1/11

    I am adding something new too ;)!
  12. Brandy M

    Sneak Peek 12/14

    My Christmas Collection is finally done!
  13. Brandy M

    Sneak Peek 10/12

    These are great!