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  1. I was going to suggest the same thing Mikelle. That is exactly what to do! Good luck with it Terri!
  2. Awesome! Thanks so much Mikelle!
  3. Thanks so much! <3
  4. That's smart Lynne
  5. I feel you.. another thing you might try is using a mask that doesn't cover the fold so you don't even have to worry about it. I am pretty sure that is what I did for the sample layout of this particular template. (slept since then) Anyway.. it was just a thought. I miss Jody too. <3
  6. You are welcome! Angie is right about no blending mode being perfect, you have to play around. Using the trick of adding a adjustment layer between your photo and whatever you are blending is useful. You can also use the hue/saturation to change the coloring. (de-saturate it so it doesn't become yellow like the page). Have fun! I am glad your baby is back from the "fix-it" doctor LOL
  7. Hey.. Maybe I can help! That particular sketchpad was made to look kinda antiqued, so you just need to change the blending mode of your photo. If it gets too dark, just add an adjustment layer (Levels) between your photo and the page and use the sliders to adjust the lighting. I hope this helps... it's a gorgeous page!
  8. Good point Gayle... I know with CC you can no longer see a thumbnail of what's in the PSD file, you have to open bridge. I don't know if it is the same with PSE...So I do see how that can be helpful.
  9. I have no clue... possible PSE15 has changed the format of the thumbs? Anyone have an idea or having the same trouble?
  10. I need to do this as well!
  11. Thank you!! I am glad you can use them, I was beginning to wonder who prefers them
  12. Ahhh a girl after my own heart! <3
  13. Good point Cheri! And Mikelle... those png files are for people who don't use Photoshop. We started including those years and years ago, I am sure some people might use them, but most don't. For my Calendars the PSD's are all you need. I made that note because for some reason the PNG files are really huge. So don't waste your hard drive space if you don't need to. Thanks so much for posting.. I am sure other people might have wondered the same thing.
  14. Here's just a thought... but I like to use Alphas as just an initial. So nothing to line up.. just one letter!
  15. Thanks Amanda.. hmmm bold and beautiful.. arty & fun sounds just like you. <3