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  1. Here's just a thought... but I like to use Alphas as just an initial. So nothing to line up.. just one letter!
  2. Thanks Amanda.. hmmm bold and beautiful.. arty & fun sounds just like you. <3
  3. Ha ha my girly country denim phase.. makes me miss Texas for sure. Thank you Cheri for taking time to show me what you like.
  4. Thank you Carolyn! This one is very special to me because it is named after my niece Lillian Grace . Whom I adore.
  5. Aww thanks Barbara, I was so happy with the way the alpha in this turned out and experimenting with the word art in the shapes of leaves was a first.
  6. Me too JustPennys (such a cute name) I read everyday and can't go to sleep unless I do.
  7. I has forgotten about these till you & Elisha mentioned them. I could actually use them in my daytime job so thanks!
  8. Thanks Carla, this one was so much fun to make, I tend to gravitate to fall colors personally. So when ever Angie would ask me what month I wanted for club, I picked fall for a few years. Can't believe that was 3 years ago!
  9. Wow that is so sweet...Thanks Elisha! <3
  10. I still wanted to pick something of Amanda's... I love her layers.
  11. I know this is over, but I still want to pick a fav........ I love this Harvest Sunset Collection
  12. I don't think I can choose just one kit.. no way! So I am agreeing with Diane & Susie... love this!
  13. Ginny has lots of fun things.. but I hadn't seen this before aaccck! So cool.. so me!
  14. I know I can't win.. but I wan to pick too! I think this is a super fun little kit to show off your artwork or especially the kiddo's art!
  15. Thanks Marie, I think I was looking to do something way way different than I usually do. And low and behold one of the layout samples for this collection was included in Somerset Memories Magazine. So I guess you are right, it is good to step outside the box sometimes.