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  1. Wow Pat what a great job on the LO and I think your retirement sounds great!!!! I love how you have your day planned but it can easily change ! And I love the photo, its great to see you at the computer and you look so comfy!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your life with us!!! Makes me look forward to retirement!!!
  2. Great job and I like how the stop sign is bright it really makes you look at the photo and to me its about the photos!!!! Great job well planned and nicely done
  3. awww Pat, I know how hard it is to lose your Mom , your LO is so touching and soooo beautiful! The softness of it gives me a sense of how much you love her. Your photo is great too even if you had to blend them, you did a great job! I love the background the flower and the journaling brought tears to my eyes! I think you've done such a good job of getting your point across in this LO! Its one of my favorites! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!
  4. Joy your page is just beautiful! I'm not there yet I can only imagine how hard this year has been for you! You did a great job of putting it into words so much so that I cried for you! I wish I could help you remember your statement that age is only a state of mind and that our physical bodies may be changing but we can still stay 19 in our heads! You've gone through a huge amount of changes in your life but the one I like the most other than being a Great Grandma is that you're shopping for comfort now! That one hit me the most.... Thank you for sharing with us this diificult time, I will be
  5. MaryJo

    10 Random Things I Like

    MariJ what a great LO! I just love how you incorporated everything so well! I still mess up loading images, changing my siggy and posting a link to the MB! lol You'll get the hang of it. I love your colors , you did an amazing job! I'm so glad you are taking this class with me!
  6. MaryJo

    Looking Back

    What a wonderful LO! It was a tough assignment, but you did a great job and I just love the colors you used!
  7. What a great LO! I don't like them either! I just love how you picked one dislike and found 10 things you don't like about it! What a great idea! And I love the colors too they are perfect when I think of Geckos!
  8. MaryJo

    Gets My Goat

    I love it! So funny with the goat! I happen to like goats too.. What a great list!
  9. Very nice! I liked them both but this one is easier to read..
  10. What a pretty LO! I love the photo!
  11. What a great LO and list!
  12. What a list! some of those are mine but I have more than 10 so it won't look like I took yours lol! You do such wonderful work!
  13. What a great job!!!! I love how you colored each word ! What a great way to use your styles! A great LO overall....
  14. Awesome Pat!!! I love your photo and I love how you put your dh first! Great job with the colors too!!
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