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  1. Scrapbook page I made for my sister in memory of her husband who died last month. My sister loves this layout. She is going to hang it on her wall because it tells the story of their love. It may seem like an ending, but the memories will keep him alive in our hearts. The night before Rich died, my nephew, Brian, handed his Ipod to my sister so she could listen to some music. The song he randomly chose was "The Dance" written by Tony Areta and sung by Garth Brooks. My sister, with tears in her eyes, bent down and said, "Richie, listen to this song!" My nephew took a video of that tender moment. The song is perfect for them. Their lives have been difficult, with 3 of their children dying before they were 14, but their faith is strong, as is their love. Rich was able to call all of his grandchildren to tell them goodbye. He and Geri talked until about 1 in the morning. He died a few hours later. They "could have missed the pain", but they "would have had to miss the dance". I used Holy Night stars paper by Shalae Tippetts and several edging and distress brushes I bought on Scrapgirls. The music notes are ABR_UrbanLive_Trans_Letter