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  1. Thanks for the fast reply Anne Marie. I was actually meaning the signature link. I followed April Showers instructions but unfortunately did something wrong. Initially there was a bounding box which I put the url in but that was the wrong thing that I entered. So I deleted the bounding box & now cant get it back. It was so that I could link to my gallery.
  2. Hi Anne Marie I do not see my name on the list and I seem to have lost the text box to enter my gallery. Cheers Sue
  3. My husband loves cooking eggs & bacon on weekends.
  4. My cheeky Grandaughter. I used papers and templates from Scrap Girls. I have not done any digital stuff for several years & hope to refresh my skills.
  5. I am back to digital & updating my less than perfect skills so this challenge will be just the motivtion I need. Cheers Sue