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  1. sueb_4

    Project Life 2018

    Another addition to my gallery. Week 15 Congratulations to Mikelle. Great stuff in the shop.
  2. sueb_4

    ProjectLife 2018 Week15

    Card Making. What a great day. Margo from Kaszazz came to my home to introduce a few of my friends to card making. Everyone really enjoyed themselves & got to create theit own projects. Supplies used dt-2017hw13-16-temp3 Picture scrappers guide disc1 438 Picture scrappers guide disc1 445 Picture scrappers guide disc1 454 Week 15 (font: Shintia Script) Journaling (font Ariel) CVW_SupplyTracker
  3. sueb_4

    Week 14

    We hadn't had rain for a while & there were heavy storms forecast. Fred raced into town to buy dynamic lifter & here he is spreading it. What a man I have. Our only problem now is that we are being overrun with pumpkins. They are preventing us from mowing & keeping the back garden tidy. Oh well. 14.03.2018. SO_FriendsFamily_Paper_Alpha BG_12x12_Burgandy_Tweed SNU_FadedBeauty_PaperSpecial TimelessClassic_BG12_juliemead TimelessClassic_BG3_juliemead Week 14 (font: Shintia Script) bg_yellowlinted_12x12 dinsk_lookinggood_backgrounds_pp07 CVW_SupplyTracker
  4. sueb_4

    ProjectLife 2018 Week13

    The Birthday Boy How special to incorporate our Friday walk with Vic on his 90th birthday. We had a short walk, about 5klm, then had lunch at Harrigans Irish Pub at Harrington. It was a very enjoyable day. 09.03.2018 Supplies Used CVW_SupplyTracker OAWA-IWillMeetYouInParis-Patterns08 OAWA-IllMeetYouInParis-Solids8
  5. sueb_4

    Project Life 2018

    Here I am for Week 12 Week 13 Week 14
  6. It has been a very exciting week here on Berber Rd. Eire Constructions are sealing our frontage, giving us our 2 driveways and a footpath. While that doesn’t seem like much, we have had a gravel road for 40 years. Happy, happy me. It will be so tidy. Supplies used ABL_IndustrialStrength_WordArt1_Construction CVW_SupplyTracker dt-2017happeningsw 12 Week 12 (Font: Shintia Script) Just Jaimee Dynamic brushes.
  7. sueb_4

    Welcome to Our Pond

    Whay a lovely pond & you have displayed it on your layout so well. Do you have problems with birks? Kookaburras, cranes & all sorts of birds try to get mine. We had to cover with a net.
  8. sueb_4

    Project Life, Week 10, 2018

    A very nice way to display your photos. Good on you for getting a decal on that pot, I would never attempt that. I am in awe of the bookstore. Never seen a bookstore like that.
  9. sueb_4

    Project Life 2018 March 1 Birthday Week

    A wonderful way to memorialise your life. The colours are great & I totally believe that it took ages. Your weeks were so busy.
  10. sueb_4

    March week 1 & 2

    Great layout & what a wonderful place to visit. It reminds me of places I have visited in Australia. I really love the colours you have chosen to compliment the photos.
  11. sueb_4

    Feb 5-18th 2018

    LOL. Fabulous weather photos but I agree with MariJ, Evelyn looks so gorgeous. Especially the curry dress.
  12. sueb_4

    Week 11

    Journaling Fred has been so busy this week. Our granny flat was so in need of a facelift. He has painted, tiled & laid new flooring. The window & door frames were stained timber, now they area nice bright white. Gotta love him. Supplies ayi-hesthebest-button2,ayi-hesthebest-pp8,ayi-hesthebest-wordstrip2, cvisions-hesthebest-ep-flower03,cvisions-hesthebest-pp-02, cvisions-hesthebest-pp-04, cvisions-hesthebest-pp-10, cvisions-hesthebest-pp-14, Supply Tracker.
  13. sueb_4

    Project Life 2018

    Week 10 Catching up. I will look at the recent layouts. You guys impress me so much with your beautiful layouts.
  14. sueb_4

    Project Life 2018 Week10.jpg

    CVW_SupplyTracker, Paper_Follow_The_Dots_GinaCabrera, SNU_AltWatercolor_PM-1, SNU_AltWatercolor_PM-3, Week 10 (Font: Shintia Script). 1 The construction zone behind the house continues. 2. The new road. 3.Fred bought me roses. No special occasion!! 4. More sharks eggs on the beach. 5. One of many pumpkins that just grew from our compost
  15. sueb_4

    Bella's Hospital Visit

    Thanks ladies. She is now up & running.