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  1. Those palm trees look so inviting as opposed to Minnesota white. I like the embellishments especially the balloons.
  2. Here's week 2. One of the reasons I like doing this project is it helps e look for positives. Week 2
  3. Scrapin Pat

    Week 2

    SRO Daily Life Template CAP Lets Get Cozy
  4. Scrapin Pat

    2021 Week 2.jpg

    Wow what a looong day. I saw on your profile that you are a travel nurse. I'm a retired nurse and have always thought if one were young and not yet settled down with kids it would be a wonderful way to see the world. Good for you and thanks for sharing a glimpse into your world. I like the colors you have used here and the pine branch at the bottom.
  5. Scrapin Pat

    PL 2021 Week 1

    What a great start - the notion of finding peace in the chaos is so appropriate.
  6. I really love this especially the close ups in the circle and the group picture. You are a lucky Grandma to have them close and get to see them.
  7. Love those sparkly sandals ... good to mark the New Year in a festive way even if it's at home.
  8. Scrapin Pat


    I really like your background especially the clock and how you framed your pictures. You have done a great job of journaling this time.
  9. I like the monthly brush and colors you have chosen and all the kids pictures. Lucy is a cutie ... You are lucky to have time with her.
  10. I really like the background and how you put the title on a curve. You are lucky to be in Oregon - we visited so many lovely parks and waterfalls when we were there a few years back.
  11. I have decided to jump in again. Hope I remember how to do this lol. I haven't posted in awhile. My goal is to do it weekly from Monday to Sunday - a single page a week. Here's my start New Year Beginning Week 1
  12. Scrapin Pat

    Week 1

    SRO Daily Life Templates CAP Let it be Cozy JSM - Faves Right Now Word Art Ali Edwards
  13. I always start with SRo Daily Life Templates although I alter them CAP Let it be Cozy BMU Celebration Station Word Art Ali Edwards
  14. So sometimes one has things in their stash that they realize they don't know how to use … so help please I have in my stash a scrap simple brush from January called the good life stamp. I'd like to color it. Is that possible? Is there a tutorial for doing so in Photoshop elements?
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