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  1. I had to smile at the people in the shark's mouth. What a fun surprise you pulled off. I like how the background has waves at the bottom and how you used a heart behind the title behind the title.
  2. Looks like you have some great adventures ahead with that pretty blue bike. I like your layout and the blending. The cluster with stars and the born to ride sign are perfect for this. Nicely done.
  3. Joining in with a favorite picture from our Thanksgiving. Look a Likes
  4. This is my favorite photo from our family thanksgiving gathering this week. Its simplistic but it is the picture I wanted to highlight so didn't embellish. Cousins don't get together as often as they once did now that many have entered the adulting world. I used: M Fish blended stories 1 BMU Petals for the background
  5. Love the sandcastles detail - looks like it was a fun event to attend. I do like the simplicity of the template you use. Glad you escaped the hurricane.
  6. I really like the colors you have chosen for this - you have some great kid photos. I am jealous no one has done an old fashion scrapbooking retreat in this area for years. I used to love them
  7. Halloween looks like it was great fun - I especially like the big group all dressed in witches costumes. The bat embellishments are perfect for this.
  8. Got October done. There hasn't been a lot of scrapping time lately. October
  9. Suddenly our days are super busy. I used CWX Autumn Blessings for background and embellishments. I continue to use the template by Scrapin with Liz.
  10. So many changes coming this fall with our adulting crew. I used CWX Autumn Blessings for background and embellishments. I continue to use the same Scrapin with Liz template.
  11. Finally have September done - Agree time is going quickly. September
  12. This is September. I used GWH Autumn Blessings and a template by Scrapping with Liz
  13. In used GWH Autumn Blessings and a template from Scrapping with Liz
  14. So glad that you did ok in the hurricane. Still looks like some pretty big roots on the trees in the photo. Clean up must be a challenge. I like the fall leaf embellishments on this lay out and how you have bordered the journaling.
  15. You have done so well keeping up with this project. I like the consistency of your template. You do a great job of getting people into your pics. Sorry to hear you two have been sick. Glad you are on the mend.
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