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  1. Scrapin Pat

    PL Week 14

    Wow looks like a beautiful part of the country to travel through. I love the mountain pictures. How fun it will be to have a record of your travels and jobs in scrapbooks.
  2. Scrapin Pat

    PL Week 13

    I like how you used a photo in the background for this layout. It looks like a very busy but fun weekend with family.
  3. Scrapin Pat

    PL Week 11.jpg

    I like the blending of the lake photo into the background. Looks like a beautiful place for an evening walk.
  4. Scrapin Pat


    Looks like spring has arrived there - I like how the daffodils pop out against the green background.
  5. Great collection of pictures - love those little kid smiles. Guess we are lucky it is the digital age and sharing pics is so easy these days.
  6. Here's Week 13 ,,, turned into a two pager with the holiday. Yeah for family gatherings again even if they are small.
  7. I used SRO Daily Life Stitched Template 12x12 BHA Sweet Street Gng for background Florju -Easter 2020 for embellishment
  8. I used: SRO Daily Life Stitched Templates 12 x 12 BHA Sweet Street Gng for background
  9. Love the color yellow in this room. The flower embellishments go well with it. I am impressed with all your remodeling.
  10. Scrapin Pat

    PL Week 10

    How fun to be able to explore new cities. Great photos. I like how you have used the plaid in the layout
  11. This is week 12 Week 12
  12. Scrapin Pat

    Week 12

    I used: ABR SS Foundations for the template CAP Birdwatching for the background and embellishment Ali Edwards for word art
  13. Like the blue and the background you chose. So great to see the flowers coming out. You have a great yard and it looks like the hawk thinks so too. Hope he isn't there looking for lunch.
  14. What a bright happy layout ... I like the yellow and the sunflower embellishments. The beach looks wonderful. Lucky you to be there.
  15. Thanks ladies this is perfect. Angie is there some sort of supply tracker available that makes a list of what you use? I see it listed in peoples credits sometimes. I know that supplies are listed automatically in photoshop elements layers but if you merge two layers it goes away. I sometimes find myself scrambling and trying to remember what I used.
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