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  1. Scrapin Pat

    Project Life, week 12, 2018

    It's like that here too - wondering if spring will ever get here. I like the way you include the current events in your lay outs.
  2. Scrapin Pat


    I really like this template. What a great way to show off all your beautiful crating.
  3. Scrapin Pat

    March Haiku

    I really like this - beauty in the everyday.
  4. Scrapin Pat

    SantaCruz 3

    Is there any place more beautiful than the ocean? Credits on Feb's first page
  5. Scrapin Pat

    SantaCruz 2

    A bit more of Santa Cruz - credits on February's first page
  6. Scrapin Pat


    Had so much fun on a sibling trip - credits on February's first layout
  7. Scrapin Pat


    Doing monthly this year - February has a few extra pages since there was a trip involved. I used SG Eternal Love for the background SRO Daily Life Pockets Word Art by Ali Edwards
  8. Scrapin Pat

    February Proj Life - 3.jpg

    What great pictures. Don't you just love using those telephoto lenses to capture the wild life? I really like how you use the white space for the background. it's so non cluttered. I also love that little mushroom ... hmmm may have to looking for that one.
  9. Scrapin Pat

    Project Life, week 06, 2018

    I commend you on being able to keep up with weekly pages. I had to switch to monthly this year. I like the pink background and gosh all that food looks so yummy.
  10. Scrapin Pat


    I'm doing Project Life monthly this year and yeah I have the first month done. I used JZI Festive Forest for both the main background and the background of the journaling square SRO Daily Life templates and grid 12x12 The snow flake was a BHA freebie at some point Word Art is by Ali Edwards
  11. Scrapin Pat

    January Page 2

    For this I used JZI Festive Forest for the main background as well as the background on the journal card SRO Daily Life Templates 12 x 12 Work Art is by Ali Edwards
  12. Scrapin Pat

    Talking Photos

    This is sooo much fun! Love how you have journaled by using talking captions for the pictures.
  13. Scrapin Pat

    Project Life 2018

    Here's my Title Page I still have the whole month of December to finish up for 2017 so I am pokey. I have decided to do monthly layouts this year and probably mix and match the pocket template with stitching I like so well from last year with regular layouts. Not 100% sure yet.
  14. Scrapin Pat

    Title Page

    Despite the fact that I have 5 weeks of 2017 to complete I thought I'd start 2018. This is my title page. I am planning on monthly rather than weekly pages this year. I'd like to mix and match my template pages with the pocket look with stitching and regular layouts. For this layout I used: SRO Faded winter paper for the back ground SNU Circle Type Path for the pie chart. The hearts are from Ali Edwards.
  15. Scrapin Pat


    Time to play catch up. I used: SRO Daily Life Template and grid MRE Inspired for the background ABL Farmstead for the background of the gratitude list and the date card ABR Week in Review for the gratitude list JZI Harvest Spice for the word art on the date card Ali Edwards for week and scrapbooking word art