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  1. Scrapin Pat

    Project Life Week 9-a

    Wow keeping up with the grands doesn't sound boring. It looks like great fun and lucky you - mine have all outgrown those days. Scrapbooking what a great way to treasure them.
  2. Scrapin Pat

    Project Life Week 9-b

    I love your E circle title and what cute dresses!! I miss little girl dresses.
  3. Scrapin Pat

    Project Life 2020

    Keeping up 😀 - here are my February pages February Page 1 February page 2
  4. Scrapin Pat

    6. February page 2

  5. Scrapin Pat

    February Page 1

    I'm keeping up - here's February pages
  6. Scrapin Pat


    Such a pretty layout for this milestone. I really like the splashes of pink on the gray. Nicely done and Happy Birthday!
  7. Scrapin Pat

    Project Life Week 06, 2020

    Hoping Dave recovers soon - it sounds like quite the week. As always I enjoy sharing a peek at your world. I like how your focus on the journaling. You do it well!
  8. Scrapin Pat

    January page 3

    Last year I used this through the lens at the end of every month. I like how it lets me add extra pictures without a whole story behind them
  9. Scrapin Pat

    January page 2

  10. Scrapin Pat

    January page 1

    Can you believe I am already regrouping? I thought it didn't matter if I did sometimes weekly - sometimes monthly but turns out it does. I kept my title page but am doing monthly summaries. This is January - I managed to use the monthly prompt
  11. Scrapin Pat

    January week 4

    Great photos especially the birds. What a fun project.
  12. Scrapin Pat

    January week 3

    I am so liking the template that you are using and the bright colors. It sounds like you have some challenges ahead. Wishing you the best.
  13. Scrapin Pat

    Jan Proj Life 3

    This looks like fun - so it travels from city to city? It would be right up my alley. I like how you did your page and the colors you chose.
  14. Scrapin Pat

    January week 1

    I really like your page design and the pictures are great.
  15. Scrapin Pat

    Project Life 2020 Week 3 - My favourite...

    The ocean beach and grand kids don't think ones world can get better than that. I like your choice of colors and the cluster at the top.