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  1. Everything looks yummy - must have hard to decide which treat. I like the clean feel to this page and the cute little chef.
  2. Scrapin Pat

    My August

    These are great templates. I like the beachy embellishments you have used and lucky you to get to spend time at the beach!
  3. What a fun collection of pictures for the month. It looks like you have some talented chalk artist in your group.
  4. Looks like a great hike ... The falls are beautiful.
  5. I really like how you frame each picture with the dates and journaling. It looks great against the dark background The trip looks like great fun.
  6. I am behind for sure but then guess it is a good thing when one is busy enough scrapping has to take a back seat for a bit. This is Week 28
  7. Scrapin Pat

    Week 28

    I think I may have gotten to the hopelessly behind point. For this week I used: SRO Daily Life Templates FLO My Summer Junk Journal for the back ground JRA Home Sweet Home for the sun embellishment BMU States for the shape of Arizona
  8. Playing catch up these days. Is there anything better to do when its too hot to be outside than scrap? Week 27
  9. Scrapin Pat

    Week 27

    Playing catch up ... this is week 27 I used: SRO Daily Life Templates KSC America for background edging The date slot uses CAP Summer for the background ... ASO Independence Day for the flag blended in.
  10. What beautiful spots to visit. I like the grasses along the bottom and the blue flowers.
  11. Scrapin Pat

    PL Week 28

    The sunset picture is beautiful and perfect for the background here.
  12. Scrapin Pat

    PL Week 27

    I really like how you captured all the people attending in the small pictures. Sounds like a great family weekend.
  13. Scrapin Pat

    Week 26

    For this layout I used CAP Wild Horse. It's perfect since for my grand daughters this summer is all about horses. The template was in my free template file and unfortunately I did not have the credits attached.
  14. Scrapin Pat

    Week 25

    Last year I discovered a product called deer no no - they are little pouches that I hang by the plants. I order online. So far they are working.
  15. Scrapin Pat

    PL Week 25

    Looks like a very fun time with family - it's nice to see that happening again. I like the grouping with the view of the hills - your pic in the middle and then the title.
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