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  1. This looks like so much fun. I really like how you used the strips behind the circle.
  2. I have never heard of a tulip tree before. It looks stunning. Great job on the challenge.
  3. This kit fits your pictures perfectly. I especially like the windmill. I've visited an Amish community here in Minnesota ... it is fun to learn about their ways.
  4. What a clever take on the challenge and how talented to fit all 13 photos on the layout. Nicely done!
  5. So the large title is written in tangieplumpudding medium - journaling is in Bookman Old Style Italic The back two papers are BMU Coastal as is one of the shells The blue strip is paper from SNU By the Sea The wooden post and a shell is from CRO Shabby Shores The third shell is EBA Chesapeake bay The seagull is STI Brush seagull And yes I have a file labeled lake/ocean making them all easy to find
  6. What a nice way to remember your Mom. I really like your cluster at the bottom. The flowers are just the right amount of color with the black and white photo
  7. I like how you blended in her picture and the use of the triangles. You came up with some pretty good descriptions. Nicely done.
  8. I really like how you have the baseballs across the top and then throughout the layout. This was a great way to do the number 13 challenge.
  9. This is such a fun lay out - it made me smile.
  10. Waaah someone stole all the items out of my shopping cart.  Why did that happen? I had entered into my account. I thought they saved. ?????

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. MariJ


      Ohhhhh.... Sorry Pat...  But I have to admit occasionally my cart has acted up when I thought I did everything right!   I hope it's not too hard to recreate for you.  I used to actually sometimes take screen shots of my cart if I couldn't remember what was in there!  

    3. Ngaire


      I have had this happen as well and I feel your frustration but some ladies suggested just putting your selections into the wish list section. Since I have done that I haven't had any losses signing in and out or closing and coming back in again. That might help.

    4. lorac


      I just put everything in my 'wish list' and it's always saved even after I log out. Not so with the shopping cart. When I'm ready to start checking out, I just go to my wish list and move things over to my shopping cart. That works for me.

  11. Here's my layout
  12. One of the best books I have read is Ann Voskamps 1,000 gifts. I often use her idea of listing things I am grateful for in my prayer journal. I do it especially when I get in a funk and its amazing how much it helps. So this layout is 13 things I am grateful for today I used DEB Fascination for the background MST Life Journal for the book SNU Brushset Art Journal for the figurine SG Anniversary kit for the camera in the figurines hand BMU From the Desk Of for the pen ABL Bird song for the Blue Bird All the quotes are from VosKamps book.
  13. This does look yummy. I like how you have layered the pictures and their frames - the title is perfect
  14. What a cute idea. I bet this was lots of fun putting the garden all together. I like how you have separated the picture from the journaling and how the ribbon runs across the bottom. Your journaling is perfect. Hmmm wonder if the grand daughters might like to help build a fairy garden they could visit when they come?
  15. I really like the simplicity of this page. You did well with the use of white space. And what a cute little one to be able to scrap.