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  1. I used EMA Grown for the back ground on the layout and the date card BMU Twiggy Alpha for the month BHA Stylize for the flower in the month title SRO Daily Life Templates 12x 12 and grid
  2. I used: EMA Grown for the background SRO Daily Life Templates 12x12 and grid
  3. Lucky you to have Robins where you can observe them and photograph. Watching nesting is so much fun. You do a good job of capturing pictures of your week and journaling. I really enjoy sharing your pages.
  4. Looks like a busy month - don't you just love those first days of spring and the crocus. Have the say the beach looks pretty inviting too ... lucky you!
  5. Week 17 is done
  6. Here's another week. I used: GWN Beauty in Bloom for the background CKA Rainy Days for the title background and word art SRO Daily Life Template and stitched grid
  7. I've chosen to put two weeks together on this page. I used: GWH Beauty in Bloom adjusted for the background ABL Bird Song for the background of the date square SG Relax MRE Embellishment for the sun SRO Daily Life templates and grid 12x12 squares
  8. I enjoyed your two page spread - I like how you have managed to use so many pictures - I also like how you use the embellishments outside the pictures.
  9. Sounds like a wonderful week. I love that number 7 cake and how fun to share the knitting with the kids. I know I am so glad my grandma taught me to knit when I was young. Oh and that little one with the sun hat ... so adorable!
  10. I like the bright colors you have used and the jig saw pieces to label the days. I'm glad to hear that Ken is healing and that things are getting back to normal.
  11. I love this ... what a great way to save some of their art work!
  12. Thanks for the recommendation to read Karen Kingsbury. I just finished Angels Walking. I really enjoyed it and want to finish the series.
  13. Looks like a fun activity filled week. Don't you just love keeping up with the grands? I really like how you break up the four main square areas then have further divisions. Might have to try that.
  14. Here's week 14. Pleased with myself that I am keeping up.
  15. For this layout I used GWH Beauty in Bloom for the background ABL Bird Song for the back ground of the date square DDS Forgotten Garden Apha and embellishment SRO Daily Life Squares and Daily Life Grid Dawn InSkip Snap Happy Overlays for the camera embellishment