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Luvly Bears

Hi there, what a great helpful positive atmosphere to learn in. I have just joined SG, and feel safe and comfortable to learn. Here is my very first question. I have bought the Secrets, and More Secrets, but have a specific question all ready. I use PSE 10. When I look at lesson No3 from Secrets, Ro shows that you can have images on top of each other, infact she moves the photo from Florida onto the green background. I can't do this, is there another way? Also, I am so wanting to ma...
Aug 16 2012 03:11 AM
  • Debbie Cleek's Photo
    Debbie Cleek
    Hello and welcome to Scrap Girls. We are glad you are here! Ro herself comes by now and then and might be able to help with your questions too,
    Aug 16 2012 02:38 PM
  • jorunswithscissors's Photo
    Welcome! Scrap Girls is truly a special place on the web! Im sure someone here will have an answer for you~
    Aug 16 2012 02:45 PM