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Man has it been a long two months!! Divorce final - Move to California final - then I managed to fall down the stairs and ended up in the ER and 9 staples in my head - so not cool lol. Hoping to be around next week to start designing my flyers and whatnot to advertising my piano teaching biz I am starting so I can stay home with my kids. Boy have I missed scrapping and I have a crazy amount of photos to edit and get started on!! Can't wait to jump back in :)
Jul 07 2013 05:27 PM
  • cherryyllaann's Photo
    Good luck on your flyers and hoping you get lots of business from them.
    Jul 08 2013 03:15 PM
  • LauraYB's Photo
    Sorry to hear about the last 2 months! You're stronger now, hopefully healed 100%, and ready to face a thriving business! Good luck with piano instruction.
    Jul 13 2013 02:25 PM