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  1. Worn Treasures Frames by PRD, Blossom Street by AHA, Art Crush Glitter by ABR, Shadow Styles by SNU. Font is Mansmer.
  2. Journaling: I had this great idea for a plant ledge in my dream home. It took a while to find a good photo of my vision online - I knew my drawing would not do it justice. As I was congratulating myself for my wonderful idea, it struck me: but how would you water them?! I used Fire Up The Grill by BHS, Blendology 2 by ABR, Write A Letter by CWX, Crazy Plant Lady by AHA, Erin Go Bragh by DBH, Filed Frames Stacked Layers 01 by Katie Pertiet, Mulled Glitter Styles by AHA, Shadow Styles by SNU. Fonts are Pea Lacy, Tropical Punch, and Simba King. Photo is from Pexels.
  3. Journaling: Macau is a beautiful blend of European and Eastern architecture. Leased by the Portuguese government for about 500 years, it was turned back over to China in 1999. I used Just Peachy and Shadow Styles by SNU, Art Crush by ABR, Unconditional Gloss Style by CKI. Fonts are CLN Whatchathink3 and The Absolute.
  4. Journaling: Re-organizing my overabundance of craft supplies. Getting to Face-Time my daughter and grand-dogs daily. Reading anything by Maeve Binchy, the queen of Irish writers! Drawing, sketching, creating again now that I’m more organized. Visiting Tokyo and enjoying the beautiful Cherry Blossoms. Observing the arrival of Spring across TN - photo by Steve Sutton. Eating whatever Cole makes me - we’ve switched roles! Living this wonderful life! I used Inspiration Board Template Vo5 No 3 by Katie Pertiet, Embrace Hope by CWX, Book Club Alpha & XL Stamped Alpha by BMU, Art Crush Glitter Styles by ABR, Shadow Styles by SNU. Fonts are Pea Katie Jo and Pea Aubrey. Photos by Steve Sutton, my daughter and my own.
  5. Your Story by ABR, Flowers Vol2 & Greenery No3 by LAS, Blossom Street by AHA, Shadow Styles by SNU. Font is Katulamp. Photo is from Pexels.
  6. Journaling: When I learned about the great architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright, I dreamed of seeing his works in real life. I had to jump at the chance to go on this virtual tour to see the Meyer May House built in 1908 and restored in 1987. I used Inspiration Board Template 10 by Katie Pertiet (new), Cozy At Home by TMD (not used before), Creative Soul by ABR Shadow Styles by SNU. Fonts are Draft, Impact Label and Felt Tip Roman. Elevation drawings of the house are from the Meyer May House site.
  7. Drawn chevron by me, used grunge-texture-by-PhotoshopSupply7 overlay to grunge it. aimeeh_growroots_doily ABR_YourStory
  8. Journaling: Even though the groundhog saw his shadow, all you need to do is look outside to see that spring is on its way! I used ARToptions Avesta Transfers and Filmed Memories Template by Katie Pertiet, Blue Jeans & Lemonade by KK, Life Papers Styles by AFT, Shadow Styles by SNU, Art Glitter Styles by ABR. Photos are from Pexels and me. Font is The Absolute.
  9. Amy D

    Digi ATC 4

    Fire Up The Grill by BHS, Art Crush by ABR, Mixed Media Pieces by 2 WorldArts, Date Strip Stamp and Artsy Spots No 4 brushes by Katie Pertiet, Vintage Hand No2 by SRO, Sunrise Sunset by KK, Shadow Styles by SNU, Textile Styles by PJU, Dirty Paper Styles by LAS. Ephemera is from Creative Fabrica. Font is Bohemian Typewriter.
  10. Capture Life by KK, Hinged Frames and Instant Artsy Borders 01 by Katie Pertiet, Nature Walks Masks by ABR, Distinct Hush Alpha by Trixie Scraps, Shadow Styles by SNU. Font is Oshkosh.
  11. Fire Up The Grill by BHS, Art Crush by ABR, Between by BMU, Unconditional Gloss Style by CKI Life Papers Styles by AFT, Shadow Styles by SNU. Fonts are Rustic Charm and Charlly Sans.
  12. Baby Mine by AHA, Grungy Frames and Art Crush Glitter Styles by ABR, Distressed Flourish Overlays by DRB, Shadow Styles by SNU. Sweet photo is from Pexels, font is Deronic Alt Three.
  13. Amy D

    Digi ATC 3

    Waterblend Brushes by 2Worlds Art, Art Crush by ABR, Dynamic Texture Brushes by LAS, Watery Maps No2 by Katie Petite, Wanderlust by SDE, Wordsmith & Shadow Styles by SNU, Texture 101 Overlays by ABR, Dirty Papers Styles by LAS, Torn Notebook by COL. Fonts are Impact Label and Bright Daily.
  14. 2W_MMP_waterblot1 ABR_SSEmb_ACBits ABR_ArtBrush_Tape
  15. Amy D

    Digi ATC 2

    Waterblend Brushes by 2Worlds Art, Distressed Overlays & Dirty Paper Styles by LAS, You Can Fly by CW, Your Story by ABR, Shadow Styles by SNU, Textiles Styles by PJU. Font is Mom’s Typewriter.
  16. Possibilities by KK, Art Crush Glitter Styles by ABR, Shadow Styles by SNU, Love Notes Alpha by Meredith Cardall
  17. ABR_HC_Paper DRB_LargeMasks aimed_snowflakes AFT_Visionary_Alpha
  18. 2W_Acrylic_Texture3 ABR_YourStory Alpha
  19. alsoarty

    Day-1-ATC art

    ABR_Your Story ASD_ML_Pearl CKI_Unconditional_Edger #the100Day Also posted to FB and Instagram, and TikTok
  20. Book of Scraps by BMU, Art Crush by ABR, Metallizers Styles by LAS, Tear It Up Actions Shadow Styles by SNU, Mixed Media brushes by 2Worlds Art. Font is Chalk Line.
  21. Amy D

    NYC Subway Art B

    Your Story by ABR, Stamped Alpha & Numbers by BMU, Shadow Styles by SNU, Christmas Dream Glitter Styles by Silvia Romeo, Journal Artsy by MPE. Font is Billionaire Grunge.
  22. ABR_Your Story BMU_GypsyRose AHA_seasonofgratitude_emb_wood
  23. Journaling: Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia is one of my favorite places to visit. I’ve enjoyed 2 tours via Heygo, I hope to go there one day in real life. February 2023. Aussie Antics by Kmess, Be Creative & Love Song by ABR, Mixed Media brushes by 2Wolrd Art, Dirty Papers Styles by LAS, Shadow Styles by SNU, With Love by KK Aussie Christmas by IDK/Etsy. Font is Mom’s Typewriter and Radical Font Filled.
  24. I made this paper by filling the layer with a solid color and fiddling with spatter brushes from Kyle Webster & Grungy Grid Brushes from VRD, adding an edge overlay from KK and playing with blending modes for each layer. I also applied Paint Texture Styles from SNU. I used Nature’s Walk Masks by ABR, Botanical by BMU, and Shadow Styles by SNU. Fonts are Chery Santos and JMH Typewriter Black. The photo is from Steve Sutton who I worked with at Univ. of TN (we simply say UT but I know there are TX people out there!)
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