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  1. From the album: Carla's CT Layouts

    Dreamy Love Blends by Miss Fish Templates 19 Hearts Collection Biggie by Brandy Murry
  2. Amy D

    Fairy Doors

    Journaling: There is evidence of otherworldly beings all around us. Just look at the fairy doors in the Hazelbrook Reserve in the Blue Mountains of Australia. These fairy doors can be seen as you wander along the lush trails. Visit Fairy Falls, or Horseshoe Falls. Take in the beauty of this magical place! I used Fairy Garden by GWH, Be Creative by ABR, Madison County by BMU and Shadow Styles by SNU. Fonts are Glittery and Chalkline.
  3. Celestine

    Stroller Fun

    Brandy Murry Idyllic Brandy Murry SSET: Dramatically Lifted Photos Brandy Murry SSPT: Background Blenders 7 Font: About Love Photo: Personal
  4. Amy D


    Blendology 2 by ABR, Chasing Dragonflies by BMU, Shadow Styles by SNU, Textile Styles by Pretty JuScraps. Font is Chalk Line.
  5. Dramatically Lifted Photos by BMU, Journal Artsy by MPE, Shadow Styles by SNU, Scratchy Circles No1 & Artsy Spots No4 Brushes by Katie Pertiet, photos from Pixabay
  6. BMU_Primevera ABR_DayToDayLife_Embellish_Ribbon_Cream aimeeh_dreamscape_mini-flower2 & snowflakes
  7. Wyatt age 6. And 6 embellishments BMU The Everyday Collection
  8. CarlaW

    Winter Squirrel

    From the album: Carla's CT Layouts

    Dreamy Blends Templates by Miss Fish Templates Botanicals by Brandy Murry
  9. Dog Gone It Alpha Pack My Best Friend (Ginny Whitcomb, Retired) ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Edgers Biggie
  10. Journaling: … when meetings were held in person, in a room, with everyone together, unmasked. Conferences were held across the world in big and small venues, with participants meeting in real life! After 2020 regular Zoom meetings became the norm and I was able to attend my first NAF conference from the comfort of my bedroom, in pajama bottoms no less! Be Creative Frames by ABR, Book of Scraps by BMU, Shadow Styles by SNU, Some photos from Pixabay & Pexels
  11. Claus & Co. by BMU, Hand Cut Alpha and Shadow Styles by SNU, Carve It Up Glitter Styles by AHA
  12. Brandy Murry Claus & Co Collection Biggie Pretty Ju Scrap Herb Garden Collection Biggie Trixie Scraps My Summer Garden Carol W Designs I Believe in Santa Stamps Brandy Murry SSET: Dramatically Lifted Photos Anna Aspne "Evergreen" Fonts: Shoreline Script Bold, Typewriterhand Photo: Personal
  13. Shabby Chic’Ness by VJS, Madison County by BMU, Aged Frames by STI, Shadow Styles by SNU, Scrap-lifted this: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/127851-celebrate-fall/
  14. Brandy Murry Chasing Dragonflies Photo: Pixabay
  15. Journaling: I am most grateful for the people in my life - from the day I was born to those who will be in my future. I’m grateful for my Dad who introduced me to storytelling, reading, a quest for knowledge and critical thinking. I’m grateful for a Mom who cultivated my love for creativity and learning. She took the time to pass on life skills that are crucial and used daily. I’m grateful that my son came to PA and moved me back to TN. Every day is filled with aggravation and laughter at the same time! I’m grateful for a daughter who is more of an adult than I am and continues to enrich my life with great quality people. I’m grateful for the furry, four legged souls in my life that chase the shadows of leaves, lounge on couches and seem to just know when I need snuggles. I’m so thankful for a terrific family who provided love, hauled mattresses, transported my belongings, provided shelter, and are great cooks! I am appreciative of all the moments and memories I was able to contribute to, in the lives of all those young people as a 4-H Agent and educator. I am grateful for Talledega Nights, Gerard Butler, coffee, remote start, WiFi, indoor plumbing, having chauffeurs, grocery shopping online, audiobooks, scrunchies, sweatpants, and so much more! What a blessing to have dodged some bullets and to have gotten to experience different destinations throughout my life. No matter how I consider events and things in my life; I will always be grateful for the blessings - even those in disguise! She Drew New Lines by KK, Roadmap by BMU, Die Cut Alpha & Shadow Styles by SNU
  16. Freebie Template by MPE, Cottage Christmas by BMU, Shadow Styles bt SBU
  17. Ready Set Blend 1 Templates by Miss Fish Joyful Collection Value Pack: Light it Up
  18. We celebrated Christmas with the Blumenstein family as usual this year. And as tradition goes, we gather in the kitchen and many just sit on the floor so we can all be together and visit. Mom joined us later because she was at the hospital with her mom. Julie gave me a gift this year for helping her. She gave me key chain, a candle, and a necklace that says “nurse”. She is so sweet. I am so excited for a White Christmas this year! Templates: ts_coolclusters2_template1 Kits: BMU Clause & Co Styles: AFT_SSTools_PaperBorders_6401_5
  19. If I were to have a decorating style, it would be called “Sentimental”. All of my decorations were given to me by someone I love. From the ornaments that were given to me starting at my first Christmas in 1979 to the memory of my Foster son Aiden’s ornament he made in daycare for me, to the more recent gifts from Judy. I love putting them out and remembering the moments that each of these gifts brought. I used to have a lot more decorations, but since we downsized and spent the past few years in the camper, we don’t have a lot. We don’t need a lot. I just love the warm glow of the Christmas Tree (even if it is missing a row of lights). It’s still perfect to me. Templates: MFish_HolTravNtbk4_02 Kits: CWD Dear Santa Styles: SilviaRomeo_TheVineyard04_Glitter SilviaRomeo_TheVineyard04_Opaque WZ_GlitterLightYellowShadow aimeeh_joyeux_glitter14 SilviaRomeo_PicturePerfectGlitterStyles03_Glitter aimeeh_joyeux_glitter10 BMU_SSStyles_Wooden_8 Rich Red Rust andreagold_ultex06_hard
  20. Journaling. What used to take hours of getting in and out of the car, parking lot & crowded stores, thankfully now takes minutes - AND I can even stay in my pajamas! A Little Elvish & Nutcracker Glitter Styles by AHA, Bower Bird SS by SRO, Fabric Pieces by COL, Dramatically Lifted Photos by BMU, Shadow Styles by SNU
  21. Claus & Co. by BMU, Nutcracker Glitter Styles by AHA, Shadow Styles by SNU
  22. Cottage Christmas by BMU, Winter Wishes by GWH (retired), Shadow Styles by SNU, Hinged Frames and ARToptions Holiday Wishes by Katie Pertiet
  23. Journaling: As all 568 of us waited in line to see Santa with Aaron & Patrick from Heygo, we enjoyed the sights of Santa’s Village at Macy’s in NYC. All of his elves were super friendly and soon came the moment we all waited for! SG Cozy Christmas bingo game, prompt 7: moment. Freebie Template by MPE, Claus & Co by BMU, Scandia & Mulled Cider Glitter Styles by AHA, Shadow Styles by SNU
  24. Journaling: Even if my stroll was virtual, seeing the lights of the famous Dyker Heights neighborhood of NYC brought joy to my heart. Well, like a kid at Christmas! SG Cozy Christmas bingo prompt 14: joy Freebie Template by MPE, Candycane Lane by XUPER, Cottage Christmas by BMU, Aged To Perfection by TMD, Mulled Cider Glitter Styles by AHA, Shadow Styles by SNU
  25. Holiday Helpers - Dreamy Holidays by Miss Fish Templates Joyful Christmas Collection by Brandy Murry
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