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  1. Bee Creation Butter Cream Ginny Whitcomb "This Is Love" (retired) Melissa Riddle "Shelter Pet" Fonts: Ahsley, Elegant Typewriter Photo: Personal
  2. Celestine


    Aimee Harrison Fireside Warmth Value Pack Carolyn Kite Dream Big Little One Girl Susie Roberts SSET: Photo Masks 6 Syndee Rogers SSPT: Burlap Pretty JuScrap Herb Garden Collection Ginny Whitcomb "Autumn Blessings" (retired) Marisa Lerin "Pet" Tina Shaw "Craft" Font: KG Rise Up Photo: Personal
  3. Dramatically Lifted Photos by BMU, Journal Artsy by MPE, Shadow Styles by SNU, Scratchy Circles No1 & Artsy Spots No4 Brushes by Katie Pertiet, photos from Pixabay
  4. Angie Briggs Backroads Collection Biggie AFT Designs SSPT: Absolutely Blended 2 Tami Miller The High Road Shabby Toppers Ginny Whitcomb "SSET: Aged Necessities" (retired) Brandy Murry SSET: Dramatically Lifted Photos Elisha Barnett "Dandelion Days" (retired) Word Art World "Family and Friends" (alpha) Font: 1942 Report Photos: Personal
  5. Celestine


    Blue Heart Scraps SSDLT: Strip for Me Blue Heart Scraps Dreamland Collection Photos: Personal
  6. Blue Heart Scraps Build A Friend VP Aimee Harrison Scandia Collection Angie Briggs SSPT: Little Worn Ginny Whitcomb "Winter Wishes" (retired) Font: Alphakind Photo: Personal
  7. Document It by MPE, Farmhouse Winter by CAP, Winter Wishes by GWH (retired), Shadow Styles by SNU That messy paw print is a free graphic in PNG format that I got from Pixabay, message me if you want it ...
  8. Never Give up by TMD, Nuance alpha by AFT, SS Banners Shapes and Shadow Styles by SNU, Scandia Glitter Styles by AHA
  9. Colorfall Mini by AHA, Cozy by LLO, Tear Away Edges by SRO, Shadow Styles by SNU
  10. Celestine


    Blue Heart Scraps Homebody Value Pack Fonts: Cheri, Pea Virginia Photo: Personal
  11. AFT Designs Art in Life Collage Paper Mini AFT Designs Art in Life Collection Biggie Syndee Rogers SSET: Celebrate Miss Fish Dreamy Blends #2 Template Jopke Designs "Brushed Edges" Fonts: KB Dotty Dot, Toxic Powers Photo: Personal
  12. Celestine

    First Dog

    Adrienne Skelton Dogs Rule Collection Biggie Angie Briggs SSDLT: Foundations Font: Blueberry Photo: Personal
  13. Angie Briggs Backroads Collection Biggie AFT Designs School Basics 2 Collection Super Mini (scatter) Kathryn Estry "Buttons 1" Fonts: Bauhaus 93, KG Neatly Printed Spaced, Ahsley Photo: Personal
  14. Celestine

    Bed of Fall Leaves

    Carol W Designs Value Pack: Magic Season Fonts: September Morning, Candara Photos: Personal
  15. Marie-Christine


    Supplies in exif properties.
  16. Love the motivation for making layouts I normally wouldn't think to do. I used the very first Scrapgirls kit I ever bought. I think this was a club kit in 2012. Journaling "2015. Sam is 15 years old. He’s been with us for 8 years, lots of moves, a baby, three dogs and a fish. He’s a tough cat. A noisy cat. We love our Sam! Quote: "What greater gift than the love of a cat. - Charles Dickens" DS Template JRE_12ofNever Papers ACA_InkItUp_Brush 2nd Brush Unknown SG #sgdigilove
  17. SkyMom

    Cricket & Audrey

    My neice and MIL's dog that is loved by all the grandkids. SS_SNU_ArtMix PhotoTemplate #sgdigilove #hashtagchallenge
  18. skichic

    Bunny is Legal

    My Norwich Terrier, Bunny, is 3 years old! Text reads: I am 3 years old today. That's 21 in people years ... I am legal! Mom says I may have a wee taste ... Love the Irish-themed Shamrock collection! TFL! Diane EBA_Shamrock
  19. From the album: Turbo

    Turbo and Gerby, our grandson, fighting over Turbo's bed. Gerby would slide down the stairs on Turbo's bed with Turbo following closely behind. Quite hilarious, actually!
  20. ResesPeses

    Turbo Car1

    From the album: Turbo

    I ran back into the house for a bottle of water, and when I came to get in the car, there was Turbo! Obviously, he didn't want to stay at home alone. He is such a character!!!
  21. From the album: Turbo

    We had so much fun ice fishing with Turbo. Only problem was that he wanted to run off and visit other ice fisherpeople (it's not all men anymore!). We took his green Kong thingy-majiger to throw for him, and he thought that was the coolest! When we started catching fish, Turbo got soooo excited, especially when they flipped around on the snow. He wanted to eat the fish we caught - bit the head off one of them. He obviously doesn't know the meaning of "catch and release"!
  22. Having fun with stitchery! Supplies: MRE_Endless Possibilities Font - Dubiel Made in PSE12

    © roocmc

  23. ResesPeses

    Dog Rule1

    From the album: Turbo

    Yep, one rule for Tubo. Only one, because he is such an awesome dog. But even that ONE rule didn't last! This pup gets soooo excited when his dad comes home - he jumps in the air and twirls around! I have never had a dog that got this excited to see his dad! I just have to laugh and laugh! Good thing Lauris doesn't mind.
  24. From the album: Turbo

    We bought Turbo a Frisbee. He loves it. We throw it as far as we can, and Turbo chases it and has learned to catch it. He is so much fun to be with, but especially when he is playing and having a great time! He now prances - catches his Frisbee or ball, then prances around - doesn't run or walk, prances!
  25. ResesPeses

    Baby Turbo1

    From the album: Turbo

    I love, love, love this dog! He has been ours for one month, and he is awesome! We go on *small* walks each day. He is so curious. He does get nervous when people stop by, but I think as he gets older that nervousness will subside.
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