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  1. Document It by MPE, Farmhouse Winter by CAP, Winter Wishes by GWH (retired), Shadow Styles by SNU That messy paw print is a free graphic in PNG format that I got from Pixabay, message me if you want it ...
  2. Freebie Template by MPE, Winter Wishes by GWH (retired), Cottage Christmas by BMU, Scandia Glitter Styles by AHA, Shadow Styles bt SNU
  3. Journaling: Carnaby St. in the Soho area of London has been closed to vehicle traffic since 1973. The street is known for it’s fashion & lifestyle shops as well as THE place to hang out. Every year the place gets dressed up for Christmas! Promt #6: Huge Title Freebie Template and Document It by MPE, Claus & Co. by BMU, Cozy Christmas Collection by SG, Shadow Styles by SNU
  4. Journaling: Created for the Cozy Christmas bingo game at Scrapgirls, this prompt was “Santa”. I think the Salzburg, Germany Christmas market had a great selection: traditional, white & gold, wooden, & detailed Santa’s villages. I’m just glad I wasn’t there in person or I would’ve spent a whole lot of money! Cottage Christmas by BMU, Christmas Past SS Club by SRO, Freebie Template by MPE, Shadow Styles by SNU, Old Wood Letters No3 Style by Brusheezy
  5. Journaling: For the Scrapgirls’ Cozy Christmas bingo game prompt: sweets, I chose to submit scrumptious photos from the Christmas Market in Strasburg. With fudge brownies, chocolates, cookies, apple strudel and more - anyone who comes away hungry only took advantage of the calorie free options! Template Freebie by MPE, Claus & Co by BMU, Holiday Traditions 2021 by SG, Christmas Past by SRO, Amazing Red Winter by Xuper (retired), Shadow Styles by SNU
  6. Journaling: 1st tree: 1931, 85 feet tall x 50 feet wide, Norway Spruce, 14 tons, 5 mi/8 km of lights, Swarovski crystal star, 3M crystals (facts courtesy of the Rockefeller Center site) Holiday Traditions Collection 2021 by SG, Template Freebie by MPE, Distressed Damask Overlays by DRB, Shadow Styles by SNU, style applied to font & other elements by Brusheezy
  7. Aspenglow by CKH, Basic Photo Frames by Silvia Romeo, We Love To Travel by KK, Freebie Template by MPE, Shadow Styles by SNU
  8. I'm going to challenge myself to use the same template EVERY time (just this bingo game) Winter Wishes by GWH (retired), Freebie Friday Template by MPE, Shadow Styles by SNU
  9. Never Give up by TMD, Nuance alpha by AFT, SS Banners Shapes and Shadow Styles by SNU, Scandia Glitter Styles by AHA
  10. Dramatically Lifted Photos by BMU, Rainbow Connection by AHA, Shadow Styles by SNU
  11. Farmhouse Winter by CAP, Nutcracker Glitter Styles by AHA,Shadow Styles by SNU, Home Front Clusters and Layers No 3 Brushes by Katie Pertiet
  12. From the album: AmyD

    Dramatically Lifted Photos by BMU, Shabby Chic Toolbox by SRO, The Winds of Autumn Torn & Worn by DBH, Nutcracker Glitter Styles by AHA, Shadow Styles by SNU, Winter Woodland Collection by A Whimsical Adventure
  13. After MANY hue/saturation adjustment layers & playing with blending modes: Bohemian Bliss by VJS, Botanical by BMU, Halftone Grunge Brushes by SRO, Shadow Styles by SNU
  14. We Love to Travel by KK, Escape Masks by florju, Dog Gone It Alpha by TMD/AHA, Life Papers Styles by AFT, Shadow Styles by SNU
  15. Painted Overlays by DRB, We Love To Travel by KK, Dog Gone It Alpha by TMD/AHA, Shadow Styles by SNU, Life Papers Style by AFT
  16. Painted Overlays by DRB, We Love To Travel by KK, Dog Gone It Alpha by TMD/AHA, Botanical by BMU, Shadow Styles by SNU, Life Papers Style by AFT
  17. From the album: AmyD

    Candycane Lane by xuper, Life Papers Styles by AFT, Shadow Styles by SNU, Document It by MPE, Christmas Past by SRO, Botanical by BMU, Watery Flakes No 2 and ARTpack Lace No 2 brushes by Katie Pertiet
  18. From the album: Carla's Miss Fish CT Layouts

    Holiday Helpers - Classic Memories 1 by Miss Fish Templates Gingerbread Christmas Kisses by Syndee Rogers
  19. Journaling: Things always work out for me. Seriously. Not bragging, but they do. What’s funny is that people who really know me would disagree. Living with a degenerative neurological condition isn’t what you typically think of as “everything working out for me”. But it still does. I either win or I learn something and do it again. No worries. There is always something to be thankful for! Gathering by KK, Shadow Styles by SNU, Botanical by BMU, Rustic Reflections Brushes by LLO
  20. Amy D

    Once Upon A Time

    From the album: AmyD

    Playing around with my new tools - Letter and Number Scatter Brushes and Shabby Type Text Paths by BMU, Your Story br ABR, Shadow Styles by SNU
  21. I made a pie photo template with 5 equal photospots - if anyone wants the PSD, just PM me. It's just circles & the basic shapes, nothing copyrighted - you'll have to add your own styles & flair. Roadmap & Madison County Collection by BMU, Autumn Blessings by GWH, Serendipity by ABR, Shadow Styles by SNU, Life Papers Styles by AFT
  22. Pretty Paper Pieces Templates by DRB, Give by TMD, Shadow Styles by SNU, brushes & WA style from Brusheezy
  23. Night Before Christmas by DBH, Madison County Collection by BMU, Shadow Styles by SNU
  24. Amy D

    Edinburgh Castle

    Worn Treasures Frames by PRD, Madison County Collection by Brandy Murry, Don't Be Ble Alpha by DRB, Shadow Styles and SS Banners by SNU
  25. Amy D

    Local Historian

    Artsy Journal by Marlene Peacock, Flawed and Fabulous by BHS, Letterpress by DRB, Aged Frames by STI, Fabric Pieces by COL, Shadow Styles by SNU
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