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  1. Journaling: When I learned about the great architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright, I dreamed of seeing his works in real life. I had to jump at the chance to go on this virtual tour to see the Meyer May House built in 1908 and restored in 1987. I used Inspiration Board Template 10 by Katie Pertiet (new), Cozy At Home by TMD (not used before), Creative Soul by ABR Shadow Styles by SNU. Fonts are Draft, Impact Label and Felt Tip Roman. Elevation drawings of the house are from the Meyer May House site.
  2. Journaling: Advice from a tree. Stay Grounded. Connect with your roots. Turn over a new leaf. Bend before you break. Enjoy your unique Natural beauty. Keep growing. I used Madison County by BMU, Country Life by OAWA, Shadow Styles by SNU. Fonts are Spring Market ALP, Whiskey Stones, and Chalkduster.
  3. Chasing Dragonflies by BMU, Whispers Frames by LAS. Font is Bohemian Typewriter.
  4. Baby Mine by AHA, Grungy Frames and Art Crush Glitter Styles by ABR, Distressed Flourish Overlays by DRB, Shadow Styles by SNU. Sweet photo is from Pexels, font is Deronic Alt Three.
  5. The BG paper is BW, I added an ombre colored paper above it & adjusted the blending mode. Live Life in Full Bloom by DRB, Shadow Styles & Curled and Torn Frames by SNU, Waterblends Brushes by 2Worlds Art. Font is Flohart and Goldmind.
  6. 2/11 Weekend Wild Card Challenge Miss Fish-Focus Group 2 Templates Aimee Harrison-Strategy Kit I Love Glitter and Handwriting CR Medium Fonts
  7. SG 2/4 Weekend Wildcard Challenge Miss Fish-Blended and Framed #1 Templates Aimee Harrison-Hawaii Kit Noteworthy Bold Font
  8. February 2/18 Weekend Heart Challenge Miss Fish-Dreamy Love Templates Trixie Scraps-Ewe Loves Ya? Kit
  9. Book of Scraps by BMU, Art Crush by ABR, Metallizers Styles by LAS, Tear It Up Actions Shadow Styles by SNU, Mixed Media brushes by 2Worlds Art. Font is Chalk Line.
  10. Journaling: Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia is one of my favorite places to visit. I’ve enjoyed 2 tours via Heygo, I hope to go there one day in real life. February 2023. Aussie Antics by Kmess, Be Creative & Love Song by ABR, Mixed Media brushes by 2Wolrd Art, Dirty Papers Styles by LAS, Shadow Styles by SNU, With Love by KK Aussie Christmas by IDK/Etsy. Font is Mom’s Typewriter and Radical Font Filled.
  11. Rainbow Connection by AHA, Curled & Torn Frames and Shadow & Art Textures Styles by SNU. Font is Lazy Olaf. Photo is from Pexels.
  12. This is a variation of a (real life) mixed media card I made last year for Valentine’s Day. I used Lemonade and Blue Jeans by KK, but I made many elements on this LO using a swatch I created and played around with filters, style settings and blending modes! Also used were Shadow Styles from SNU, Mulled Glitter Styles by AHA and the font is Anon Black (recolored & filter applied). Recipe is from Smirnoff. I got the BW pic of the lady (was a square photo) from doing a Google search & then had fun playing with multiple PS Tools!
  13. Aimee Harrison Baby Mine Tami Miller The High Road (mask) Aja Fillmore Creations "New Arrival" (retired) Font: Sunydale Serif Photo: Personal
  14. Journaling: It is the life of the crystal, the architect of the flake, the fire of the frost, the soul of the sunbeam. This crisp winter air is full of it. --John Burroughs Be Creative Frames by ABR, Winter Woodland by OWAD, Winter Wishes by GWH (retired), Shadow Styles by SNU, photo from Pexels
  15. Chere Kaye & Blue Heart Scraps Snow Day Value Pack Carol W Designs Autumn Things Artsy and Bits AFT Designs SSET: Elysian Frames Connie Prince "Pure Magic Frozen Kingdom" (retired) BDS "Joyous Christmas" Font: Shoreline Script Bold Photo: Personal
  16. Trixie Scraps Love Our Nurses Miss Fish Dreamy Blends #2 Aja Fillmore Creations "Chocolate Valentines" (retired) Angelle Designs "Chalk It" (retired) Font: Winter Poppins Photo: Internet
  17. Journaling: The saddest part of my life was losing you. So many times a day I think about calling and telling you about the kids, me and just chatting in general … Then I remember that I won’t hear your voice but you probably already know everything I was going to say! Isn’t it fantastic that during that crises, your sister really came through for me?! How awesome is it that she took me under her wing, opened her home to me and helped clear the fog from my brain?! Aunt Mary Ann has always been there for me and I’m so grateful for her! All About Attitude by KK, Dreamscape by AHA, Bower Bird by SRO, Shadow Styles by SNU
  18. Journaling: … when meetings were held in person, in a room, with everyone together, unmasked. Conferences were held across the world in big and small venues, with participants meeting in real life! After 2020 regular Zoom meetings became the norm and I was able to attend my first NAF conference from the comfort of my bedroom, in pajama bottoms no less! Be Creative Frames by ABR, Book of Scraps by BMU, Shadow Styles by SNU, Some photos from Pixabay & Pexels
  19. Journaling: Classic red and white with hints of green and gold. Natural elements like cute animals, pine needles and cones, twine and raffia. Plaids and dots or check patterns for accents. That’s my decorating style. Hopefully next year we’ll be in a place that will inspire that level of detail again! Farmhouse Winter by CAP, Hinged Photo Frames No 9 by Katie Pertiet, Aged Framed by STI, Holiday Sparkle by ASO, Textile Styles by PJU, Life Paper Styles and Notepaper TidBits by AFT, Shadow Styles by SNU
  20. Christmas Cheer - Kit Moving Day Collection (house completely recolored) She Drew New Lines Collection Biggie (arrow on right) Value Pack: Light it Up Moving Day Stamps (recolored) SAR_BunnyHoney (Retired)(Arrow on left) One year when the kids were little, they were quite surprised when their gifts from Santa were not under the tree. They were on the Roof! There was great speculation as to why Santa would do that. Were they too big to go down the chimney? Did they fall off the sleigh? Did he just drop them from the sky and not stop at all? After that every Christmas morning there was always one highly anticipated gift to be discovered and retrieved from the rooftop.
  21. Carolyn Kite That's My Team Value Pack Angie Briggs First And Goal Collection Angie Briggs SSET: Street Grunge Masks Fonts: New Courier, Tw Cen MT Photos: Personal
  22. Artsy Blocks 20 Templates by Miss Fish, Colorfall by AHA, Journal Artsy by MPE, Dog Gone Alpha by TMI . The cards I'm working on in between digi LOs. I drew the cute little quails & masked them in PS!
  23. I made a pie photo template with 5 equal photospots - if anyone wants the PSD, just PM me. It's just circles & the basic shapes, nothing copyrighted - you'll have to add your own styles & flair. Roadmap & Madison County Collection by BMU, Autumn Blessings by GWH, Serendipity by ABR, Shadow Styles by SNU, Life Papers Styles by AFT
  24. Journaling: Sunday mornings were such a treat - I recall racing to the front door to be the first to devour the comics! Years later, the paper brought me joy in the form of wares on sale and grocery coupons. I still enjoy my LOLs and great prices, but today there is an app for that! Pretty Paper Pieces Template by DRB, Book Of Scraps by BMU, Shadow Styles by SNU I gathered the logos via Google Images & made my own compilation!
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