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Abc's Or Professions

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Goat herder, lol, j/k, well, maybe not just kidding after all :dunno:


Okay, my real profession for letter G is ummmm, a gynecologist.


I came up with that one after the one who delivered my youngest just sent me a sweet lettter thanking me for the lo of him holding my baby girl. He said it ws the sweetest gift he ever received and now his wife is into scrapbooking since seeing the Lo I made. Therefore, I couldn't resist writing out the web address for ScrapGirls and handing it to him for his wife, lol.

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Okay, letter r....What about a Rock Star? They have carreers only people like me could dream of, lol.


Alright, Alright.... I get the hint you all want something better, lol, so.....


Radiologist, roofer, or RN, whicever hasn't been done yet? lol

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