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Mixing And Matching Collections

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Hi everyone!

Did you notice all the cool LOs in this week's newsletter that used elements from different kits! Of course you noticed! They were gorgeous, weren't they! Have you wondered if there were an easy way to figure out which collections look good together? Well, do I have a list for you! (Said in my best Bob the Tomato voice!)
Mandy and I have been working on compiling a list of which collections work well together. This list is just the beginning, and is by no means comprehensive. In fact, we would love it if you could add your own ideas, or experiences if you've already been combining collections.

Tonya’s Beyond -- Cheryl’s Etcetra

Tonya’s Adore -- Ann’s Coffee Talk

Dinny’s Boquet -- Ro’s Debussy -- Brandie’s A Child Described

V’s Teal Me Again -- Brandie’s Family Described

Brandie’s Appalachian Winter -- Betsy’s Sunburst

Talina’s Funky Retro -- Andie’s Happy Birthday to You

Valerie’s Mud ‘N Stuff -- Dinny’s Torn

Valerie’s Unteal Forever -- Mandy’s Ooh La La

Cheryl’s Whatever -- Ann’s Flower Power

Valerie’s Teal Me Again -- Tonya’s Winter Freeze

Betsy’s Perfectly Pink -- Ann’s Vintage Spring

Talina’s Aged Autumn -- Valerie’s Ochre Winfree Alpha 3 Mini

Ann’s Biblio -- Valerie’s Typeriffic Alphas -- Mandy’s Whitewashed Wedding Freebie & Embellishments

Betsy’s Happy Daze -- Valerie’s Scotch Fields -- Andie’s Happy Birthday to You Alphas

Valerie’s Scotch Fields -- Tonya’s Winter Freeze

Dinny’s Cheerful -- V’s Teal Me Again

Dinny’s Cheerful -- Betsy’s Valentine Reds

Ann’s Flower Power Reds -- Talina’s Spring Fling greens

Tonya’s Summer Garden -- V’s Teal Me Again greens

Erin’s Emotions -- Brandie’s A Child Described

Brandie’s A Child Described -- Betsy’s Happy Daze

Betsy’s Breathless -- V’s Scotch Fields

V’s Provence -- Tonya’s Summer Garden

Ro’s Debussy – Talina’s Spring Fling

Brandie’s Spring Things -- Michelle’s Enjoy Life

Michellle’s Enjoy Life -- Ro’s Worn Deco Walls

Betsy’s Fresco -- Ro’s 1957 Florida Vacation

Michelle’s Enjoy Life -- Tonya’s Adore

Mandy’s Wallflowers – V’s Ochre Winfree

Betsy’s Fresco -- Ro’s 1947 FLA Vacation

Betsy’s Fresco -- Dinny’s Bouquet

Anns’ Architexts -- Cheryl’s Fountain Pen

Ro’s Worn Deco Walls -- Ro’s Ancient Rose Garden

Betsy’s Fresco -- Michelle’s Enjoy Life

Ann’s Vintage Spring -- Michelle’s Enjoy Life

Ann’s Architexts -- Michelle’s Enjoy Life

Betsy’s Rustic Seasons -- Ro’s Back to School

Betsy’s Rustic Seasons -- Tonya’s Scary

Tonya’s Spring Fling -- Brandie’s A Child Described

Brandie’s Red Family -- Betsy’s Snowman

Betsy’ s Tinge of Floral -- Dinny’s Antique Rose

Tonya’s Winter Freeze -- Betsy’s Sunburst

Tonya’s Winter Freeze -- Cheryl’s Whatever

Tonya’s Spring Thing -- Mandy’s Ooh La La

Hope you're able to use some of these suggestions. Please post the LOs you create with these or your own combinations! And if you find a great combination that isn't listed here, please post here and let us know about it!

Also, keep your eye on the newsletter for great tips on ways to organize your digi supplies to make mixing and matching as easy as pie!


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Wow is right!!! My, that was a lot of work! Now I'll have to go take a peek at all the combos...

Maybe in everyone's spare time we could get a gallery of some type with previews of kits that can go together ;-) (LOL... I'm mostly teasing, you guys work so hard that I don't want to put more on your plate!)

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Thanks for your hard work! I have my kits, etc.. sorted by website at the moment. But as time allows, I think I will make folders in those folders to sort by a particular color to speed things up a bit. Color tends to be one of the first decisions I make about a layout.

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Awesome list - thank you so much for putting this together! What a task!

Now (well, as soon as I get home), off to look to see what kits I have and which ones I need . . . (all of them, of course)

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What a great list! Thanks for compiling it!

It is amazing to me how kits created by different designs will go together SO well!

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WOW! I have dreammed this list for so long but did not know how to ask and now...the dream came true!!!


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Ah but also remember that you can re-color ANY element!!! Now that I figured out how to do that, I really don't know how to organize. I think I'll keep everything in the folder from the designer but then use my Paint Shop Album to make different collections based on type of element (eyelets, flowers etc etc) , color and "go togethers" based on this list :-)

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Wow, after looking over this list time and time again, I've come to the conclusion that printing it out and taping it to my desk makes it extra handy when I'm working offline. I hope you don't mind me printing it out. :)

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Not at all, Valerie! The list is there for everyone to use as they would like.

Glad you're finding it useful!

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