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Guest JenniaHart

Scanning and stitching tips

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Guest JenniaHart
Digi gals please chime in here with instructions and tips for stitching layouts that have been scanned. I want to get instructions for all the different graphics programs.

[b]Scanning 12 x 12 pages with Paint Shop Pro [/b]

Go to the JASC website ( [url="http://www.jasc.com"]http://www.jasc.com[/url] I think) and download Paint Shop Pro. They have a free 60 day trial version. My scanner has a long enough bed to scan the 12 inch long pages in one pass. If your scanner does not do this, you will want to read Cara's description of how to scan the page in four sections.

Open Paint Shop Pro. Pull down the file menu, go to import Twain then acquire to scan. Scan the right side of the page with the page as straight as you can and scan the left side with the page as straight as you can. Be sure to use the edges of the scanner to align the pages and have the pages out of your album for optimum scanning. Use the View pull down and go to Image Information to see how big the scanned image is. For example a scan I did measures 678 by 916 pixels. If you want to print out your scanned image you will want to scan at 300dpi.

Next open a new image (with a white or transparent background) large enough to hole the 2 halves (so for the image mentioned above make the new image 1300 by 1000 pixels- it will be too big but that is more desirable than too small.) (each half will be a separate image after scanning) Copy the right half and paste it into the new image, copy the left half and paste it into the new image carefully lining up elements on the page . The scans will overlap, but the overlap helps you line it all up. After you are done with that choose the rectangle shaped selection tool from the tool bar. select the page only leaving the rest of the background out side of the selection box and go to the Image Pull Down and choose Crop To Selection. Save the image as a jpg/jpeg and you are all set. ** Make sure that you are saving the image as a jpeg not a psp file. If you save as a psp file it will only be able to be viewed *with* Paint Shop Pro, not online at a gallery!

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