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I Have But I Have Not

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:dito: I haven't completed my Christmas cards yet or written on them


:dito: I haven't brought stamps for them either


I have sent some off - over the *BIG BLUE SEA* yesterday - hint! hint! Shhhhh :rofl:

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I have caught a couple of farmer's markets already this year


But I have not planted any tomatoes of my own yet.

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I have no sun now, so I havn't grown tomatoes in 6 years


But I do have indoor plants, ivy and mother-in-law's tongue. They are terrific to hide my cat's box without getting the way.




Ooops I've got this backwards. 1st what I don't have/do. 2nd what I do. So..


I HAVE grown tomatoes in the past

I've NEVER had an acre to landscape.


Do I have this right?

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I have had an acre to landscape in the past before (and haven't done very well with it either)


But I have not ever rappelled on a zip line.

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I actually have climbed a mountain - a big one, when we lived in Turkey! (still can't believe I did it either)


I have not ever parachuted from an airplane (and I so want to)

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I used to think I would like to parachute but I would never do it now.


I have never been swimming naked !!!!!....

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