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Photo Matting & Framing

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Posted 21 August 2005 - 04:45 AM

During yet another shopping trip today while on a hunt for a specific dining room table, we ended up in the mall and needless to say, as we were walking through the mall they had a shop that does matting and framing, and while in the shop, I found some absolutely positively wonderful bargains. Bags of photo matting scraps for only a dollar each. The scraps are actually large enough to use for 8x10's and came in all kinds of sizes. For a dollar each I couldn't resist buying them. I'm talking alotof matting in all sorts of colors and sizes in each bag. Well worth the money considering some are a gorgeous gold and some are cloth, some are even velvety, (I simply love the look and feel of them). I've come up with all sorts of uses for the matting, scrapbook fronts and backs as well as using some for matting smaller photos to hang in the childrens bedrooms, making some "slides," as well as using some to put behind all of my dh's service medallions and ribbons in a display type manner for hanging, however, as far as matting the photos goes, I'm really in need of some simple steps to follow to do it the easiest and right way, as well as what type of tools, craft knives etc to use? I strongly prefer a nice edge for these, and am so unsure of how to do it and what to use to accomplish a great looking matted photo. I purchased all 17 bags they had, and believe me there is enough here to do tons of photos with, dh has agreed that if I can show him that I can actually mat and frame photos with my 1 dollar bargain find, that he will take me back there so I can buy more in the future. I've shared with him some of my ideas for using the matting papers, however, I must put myself to work and show him that I can do this, not that he doubts I can do anything really. I guess more or less just to show him that the papers won't go unused. Also, I'd really like to do some of the matting in some really unique shapes and designs, so please do help and give me all the hints and tips you can think of and also maybe some more shape ideas. TIA, :)
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Posted 21 August 2005 - 09:47 AM

Valerie, what a great find for only$1 a bag. I love scrap mat board! I got into framing photos a few years back. I ended up framing my friends 8x10 and larger pics for her to put into another friends restaurant. and eventhough I did'nt want any money except for the mat board they paid me 20 & 30$ for the large ones and I made my money back for the cost of my cutter. It was so cool! I now frame my own photos as gifts and frame friends and families pics. They just provide the frame. I do want to invest in some circle and oval cutters next. Well i currently have the alto's 4505 system the only thing I don't like about it is it's kinda hard to get a mat border under 2" wide but great for anything over that. I do seal the back of frame with a black paper to cover up the back that has foam core to fit frame and kept in place with brads of some type.I then use wire across back to hang. Because I need to insert brads and hanging hardwear I prefer to use wood frames and love to pic them up at garage sales. Here is a site to start out at but there are many more besides alto's. Let me know if I can help with any questions. I'm far from a proffesional but was shown somw tricks by a friend who works in a frame shop. Hope this helps and have fun.


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