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Just Got My Very First Ever Ehd!

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I just got my very first ever external hard drive. I'm telling you all I'm dancing around.

Now i know for certain I have gone to the dark side and have become a part of the crazy adict family!


I saw it, it was on sale, and looks like LEGO who could ask for more lol

Its 500 gigs. More then I can ever see myself using .... ummmm trip to the boutique is in order ;)


I'm just so excited I wanted to share with everyone! I'm in the process now of putting all my SG files and my pictures on that hard drive. That's what its main use will be. Just for scrap supplies and pics.


Anyways thanks for listening :D

Any advice about maintaining my ehd is more then welcome :D

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I have one too, they are so useful, means I can scrap on my desktop or laptop.just connect the EHD and tablet and I am good to go. One thing you must must must do is BACK IT UP. Both DH and I have personal EHD's and a honker that mostly sits connected to the desktop with our initial back up and ipod files on. Everytime I buy ,more digital stuff or complete a big project I do an incremntal back up of both the unzipped product files and the zipped ones.

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