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Yeah Carbonite! Love It!

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A big thank you to Len from Carbonite for his followup pms to me and

his help. My main reason for going with Carbonite is the help & support

I got from Len. He is such an asset to have here on Scrapgirls. :thanks:

Also a thank you to Kristen from Carbonite for her quick response & help.


Some time ago I tried to install Carbonite-it installed but would not

connect. I tried everything but at the same time my laptop crashed.

Sent it in to Toshiba. Had a corrupt memory card.

Got it back-same problem with trying to use Carbonite.

Carbonite emailed me promptly with

the instructions (after I had sent them a System file log) so they could identify the problem

which was my Virus program. (I had disabled it but evidently it has a compatibilty issue

and would not work with Carbonite until I upgraded to the latest Version of the Virus program.

It was frustrating with the error msgs I got trying to install the newest version of the Virus program.

I received an email from the Virus Program's staff on upgrading the version. However it took

quite a bit of tweaking settings, etc to get it to download. Finally got the version updated and

WAM!! Carbonite came up and started working immediately!!! I am so happy! "CARBONITE ROCKS!!"

Now I know why Ro recommends it. ^_^^_^


Just wanted to share this month long saga with you and to thank Len & Carbonite!

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I'm so happy to have it running on my computer, as well.

And Len had to help me out a while back, too. lol I don't remember what my problem was, but he worked his magic and all has been well.

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I agree with you, Linda! Len really helped me out too. After my trial period ended, I decided to purchase Carbonite because the customer service was excellent - quick, friendly, and they solved my problem! I originally tried another company for back-up service but my four e-mails went by without ANY response. I am definitely happy with Carbonite and will recommend them to anyone.

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I just got the free trial to try it out. I had a very sick moment when my portable EHD wasn't showing up under MY Computer. And it has all my kits on it. Very sick feeling. I remembered Ro talking and recommending Carbonite and I signed up immediately. Now in the process to back up what is on my Cdrive.

Does anyone have an 'easy' way to back up what is on a EHD or USB portable one? Is Carbonite coming out with a version that will have that option also?

I guess I just have to copy the EHD files to my laptop and THEN upload to Carbonite? Is there no other way? Just wondering!

Thanks for any help!

Oh, I have a really crazy 'duh' question, BUT if I move my files from EHD to laptop, back up to Carbonite, and then delete those files from my laptop - Carbonite won't just erase them on their site if it doesn't see them on my laptop? Like I said, I am sure that is a crazy question and that yes, the files remain on Carbonite ... BUT I have learned to ask anyway!

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My understanding is that Carbonite is working on being able to

back up EHD sometime in the near future. So for right now

I would have to say that the only way would be for you to copy the

files to your laptop and then Carbonite can back them up. But if you

delete them- then Carbonite will delete them also from their backup.

I love Carbonite. But I also use a EHD and some of my less used files

I backup on DVDs too.

My laptop crashed & I had to send it in 4 times since Dec. and with each

crash I ended up losing things. So that is why I went with Carbonite &

also do additional backups.

Len from Carbonite is on SGs and he may come on and can answer your questions

or you can PM him. He is very helpful.

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Guest Peppi

I guess as soon as Carbonite offers to back up EHDs I will subscribe with them too.


I have all my SG on my laptop but all my scrapbooking pages are on my EHD, together with my ZIPs, backed all up on another EHD.


So just waiting for Carbonite to release that service :)

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Oh, shoot. Okay ...

I have a question about backuping photos then! I have my 'recent' (last two years) of photos on my C:\ and all of my photos backed up on an EHD and uploaded to Kodak.com gallery. In everyone's opinion, is that 'good enough'? I haven't ever burned a DVD/CD of photos except at the very beginning (over four years ago) of my digi-hobby.

I can't see keeping all of my photos AND all my digi-kits AND all my layouts on my C:\ . Seems like a little too much!

What does everyone else do?

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