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Can You Give Me Some Search Tips?

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I am sure there is way to do this, but I am not sure how. I have two searching questions:
1. I happen to like certain designers. Is there a way that I can search for just those designers for a certain color?
2. Is there anyway to show the latest collections on specific designers? Currently when I click on a designer, they are listed in alphabetical order and I would like to see what their latest creation are?

Other questions:
Have you ever considered adding a customer rating or best selling? I love to use these techniques when I search books at Amazon, etc. Have you ever considered doing the Amazon thing where they say if you like this, you might like this too?


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I'm so sorry, but there isn't a way to do that. It would take huge software development work and we are currently working on a long list of things. Each costs quite a bit of money so I'm working through the list, as I can afford them.

The very best advice I have for you right now with the search engine is to use a single focused word. You get the best results that way. I constantly use the search engine as I am building NL and have found it okay if I go at it that way.

The store isn't engineered to do the latest added, which would actually be problematic if we used it because so many people are new to us and everything is new to them. And then, if they want to come back and find something they liked, alphabetically works the best. Otherwise, they would have to know when things are released, which would be impossible for them, as it requires extensive knowledge about when items have been released. Even I can't remember for sure when everything was released!

We have that What's New? section in which I manually move things in and out of a couple of times per month in an effort to make things a little more helpful for our regular visitors. Hope it helps some. It would be too time intensive for me to do that for each designer and actually, the more categories we add, the more likely it is that we would confuse people. Make sense?

The customer rating thing would also require development work. Maybe we could work on that once we get our list of things done. I can't say what those are, as I don't want to prematurely get people too excited. LOL

Some of the things we are working on will make it possible for me to do a better job of taking care of our customers. I see those as critical because customer service is key to me. Some of the things we are working on are highly desired by our customers. Some of the things are complete surprises that everyone will LOVE.

So stay tuned... we ARE working on things. (Wink)

Once we get through our current list, who knows? I'm open to just about ANYTHING that is logical and that wouldn't end up confusing the majority of customers if it happens. I love new things!

And I adore that you are making suggestions. Keep it up!!!

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My husband always tell me that some how I am able to pick out the most expensive thing as the thing I like the it seems that I have the same ability with search quests. Thanks for your detailed answers! Keep up the good work!

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