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Acdsee Keeps Giving Me A Message Access Denied When I Try To Move A File Using Vista


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i have a new computer and trying to get it up and running...i have loaded my acdsee from other computer and it has all my categories and i can find everything but i have a folder new scrapgirls...what i do is organize and tag the folders and then thru acdsee use edit move to...and move them to my folder just called scrapgirls


but everytime i try i get a message access denied....


is this something in vista? i had xp?


how do i go around this?


anyone else have this in acdsee with vista?


any ideas would be appreciated

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I don't have acdsee, but I do use Vista and have had this happen to me on occasion. Always when moving and reorganizing. I just quietly back out of what I'm doing, close all windows and programs, and mainly give the system a little time to "catch up". When I go back and try again, everything seems to be fine. Usually the message that whatever it is that I'm trying to move "is being used by another operation", but I also get the "access denied" message.


I know this is not very technical - it's what I call "letting Vista have it's way for a few minutes!" If anyone knows really WHY this happens, please let us know.


The good thing is that after a short time, I can always do what I wanted to do in the first place.

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