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Flatbed Scanner Recommendations?

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I looked in this forum and most threads were pretty old... So, who has bought a scanner in the last year? Our flatbed scanner died. I use it to scan photos, artwork, documents (to turn into JPGs or PDFs to display online), some 3-D objects, and memorabilia for digital scrapbooking. (I do NOT use it to scan negatives or slides.) Our previous flatbed was 48 bit color and 2400 x 1200 resolution (8.5 x 11"), so I think that's a minimum. I'd love to go to a large-format so I can digitize my previous 12x12 paper layouts, but don't think we can really afford it! We're trying to stay around or under a $100.


So anyone have recommendations for what is out there these days that works well? Thanks!

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