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I am doing a senior video where I put baby and senior pictures of all the kids on a CD. I purchased premiere elements and am hoping to create a slideshow on Photoshop Elements and use Premiere elements to burn it to DVD. Has anyone done this and have any tips? I am in process of scanning in pictures and wondering if I should do them at 300 dpi or 600 dpi. They look better at 600 but will that create too big of a file for 5 pictures each of 200 kids? I don't have tons of extra time to do this so I want to do it right from the start! Thanks for any tips. Gail

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Gail, I have only done one slide show with PSE, so I don't have a wealth of information for you. I loved it though, thought it was a lot of fun. For what it's worth, I think you should check your individual file sizes after you have scanned in a couple of pictures and see how much disc space you're going to need when you have all of them scanned. I think (and hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong) that you really only need 72 ppi for something you're going to project or look at on DVD -- for the same reasons you can get away with lower resolution in the gallery. If you won't be printing, that should be adequate -- and may be all you have room for.


You're using the "create" tab in the Organizer, right?


HTH -- good luck!

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