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August 2009 Message Board Game- Embellishment Hunters!

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Calling all adventurous souls! Join us for the August Message Board game: Embellishment Hunters! This month we're playing an old game with a new twist and hope you'll join us for fun and of course... prizes! Your task is simple! Imagine a dartboard with 100 targets. To find the target hiding the embellishment of the day, simply guess a number between 1 and 100. The first person to guess the correct number is the daily winner and will be showered with applause and will proudly enjoy bragging rights PLUS the possibility of prizes at the end of the month! All daily winners will be included in a month-end drawing with prizes including one $10 gift certificate and five $5 gift certificates to the Scrap Girls Boutique!


Specific rules of play:



* UPDATED RULE EFFECTIVE 8/16: Each person playing the game can make up to 10 guesses per day. Post your guesses here in this thread.

* UPDATED RULE EFFECTIVE 8/16: Each day you may make one guess any time before 9 a.m. MST, and then one guess hourly until 6 p.m. MSTALL TIMES LISTED ARE MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME!

* At any time of day, a member of the Welcoming Committee may interrupt the game play to announce that someone has found the daily embellishment by correctly guessing the number for the day. Or the Welcoming Committee member hosting that day may wait until after the final guesses have been made and announce the winner some time after the 6 p.m. cutoff but before midnight MST. When the Welcoming Committee member announces the winner and shares the embellishment of the day, the daily game is closed and a new one will begin the following morning. Winners will be easy to identify in the thread because they will be large font, bold and purple.

* Numbers representing hidden embellishments may be repeated throughout the month. For example, the game-winning number for August 1st may be the same as the game winning number for August 19th.

* The winner of each daily game will have their name entered in the month-end drawing for one of the six prizes listed above. You may continue to play even after winning one or two daily games. A member who wins more than one daily game during the month will have his or her name added to the drawing once for each of her daily wins up to a maximum of three daily wins. Multiple entries in the drawing increase your chances of winning one of the gift certificate prizes in the month-end drawing. If your name is drawn as a winner of a gift certificate, any additional entries you have in the drawing will be discarded. We want as many people as possible to enjoy this game and we want to see lots of individual daily winners, so if you've won three times, please refrain from posting any more guesses but feel free to cheer on the others who are still eligible to play through the remainder of the month.


If you have any questions please feel free to post them here. All general chatter about this game (including congratulations to the daily winners) should be kept to the thread titled "August 2009 MB Game Chit Chat Thread" so this thread can be kept clear for guesses and winner announcements. We'll do our best to update the subtitle of this thread to indicate what page number the current daily game begins on.

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Good morning. My guess is 18.

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