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Hey, You Know What Tomorrow Is?

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Hey it's a :having-a-party: Some one must have told that Amanda and Syndee are in the Boutique!!!


I'm thinking :partytime2: How about you Debi? :dunno:


Never did see :tinkerbell: or any of her pixie dust today.


Hope she didn't have more storms up in the mountains.



okay :bedtime: for me. Ya'll shut out the lights when you're done. We're

tryin' to be green don'tcha know ;)


No FROGGIE!!! :bouncing-frog: We LIKE green!!! See :respect:

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Chere Edwards put something in there. I have a feeling with my fellas, I'd be able to use it over the years. :)

Life Goes On Collection Biggie

I absolutely love this collection. So now she has "Oobla Dee" "Oobla Dah" and now "Life Goes On". Love the trilogy! All are in my Kaboodle! I have a brother who is a guitarist...I can just see scrapping his photos from years gone by with this collection (think early 80's rock...big hair, bare chests, and LOTS of spandex! I'm laughing already).


Nice work Chere!

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Perhaps, Carrie will have something new?!


It has been awhile! I AM working on something really fun! Its almost there.


I got stuck this month though, Vacations, Camping, 3 Birthdays and getting ready for back to school.


I will definitely have more regular Thursday additions to the shop once my kiddos are in school. Sept 8th is the first day for them and this will be the first year I will have 2 kids in school full time.


I will miss them but, I am so looking forward to focusing on creating, art and all that fun stuff just for me. :)

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