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Vista Web Filters And

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Hi all,


Had to get the girls a new puter. Put it off as long as possible but here it is .... and we're stuck with vista till windows 7 comes out.


Anyway, I decided to be the good mom and employ the parental controls for web filters. First I started with medium level control. DD couldn't get to SG site. Then I went to custom and clicked the following options to block ...



mature content

sex education

hate speech








I didn't click unrated content.


Guess what ... SG site is still blocked. I'd really love to leave these types of parental controls in place. It's not that I don't trust my DD but she can stumble on things when searching google or something else that I'd rather her NOT be at? She does like going on the SG message boards and in the boutique and I don't see any reason she can't. I also can't figure out how scrapbooking supplies is getting caught up in any of those filters?


Can you guys help???



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Is there any way you can go in and specify specific sites that are okay? Like exceptions?


its probably the word girls... those filters are programmed, so a computer decides if something is good or not. Not a person.


Id look up the software you are using online and see if they have instructions on how to add an exception... You'll have to do the for the boutique, and for the gallery/messageboard.


Hope that helps.


Angela N.

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yes, I can add it to the allowed list....but I'd rather the filter work properly. It's whatever filter is delivered with vista. It just seems very strange that anything on SG would be caught by a filter looking for the above things. I even went in and unchecked most of them. I had to uncheck everything BUT pornography for the filter to let the SG site through. This tells me that the filter is picking up SOMETHING here that it sees as falling under one of those filters. I figured 'ok unblock alcohol cause there's some NYE party kits, and unbock gambling because I know there's one or two Vegas kits'. But to my knowledge there aren't any kits about bomb-making or sex ed or the rest of the stuff. I suppose maybe some camping knives could fall under weapons?



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I think your filter is working properly. I put just the word "girls" in Google and among the first things that popped up were naughty video links. (I don't have any parental controls as only adults live in the household. I have Google set for moderate filtering, the default.)


Angela's suggestion of adding Scrap Girls to accepted websites is probably the only way if you want to keep pornography unavailable.

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