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Soon I will start using an external hard drive. Do all the organizing systems out there -- ACDSee, Picasa, what else? -- work well enough with EHDs? Is there one that's better?


Fortunately, I've only been using Windows Explorer on a WinXP desktop (will be moving to using primarily my laptop with Vista) so have not spent any time tagging. However, I am considering starting to tag, now that I have several times come upon the problem of wanting to find something in my large photo collection (like one of the rare photos of myself!) and it took too long. I have both ACDSee and Picasa.


Thanks for any tips to help me make this transition smooth.

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My only suggestion is to use one program for your scrap supplies and something else for your photos. Searching through less stuff is just easier and faster. I use Lightroom for photos and having just lost my enitre ACDSee setup I am in the process of using Windows Photo Galleryfor scrap supplies. Ro is right about using something already in your operating system and not relying on an outside program. She and many others love Picassa and its pretty self-explanatory.



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