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Computer Needs Expanding Exponentiall;y

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Calling all Techie Scrap Girls: This old brain cannot sort out what way to move, leaving me frozen and unable to move forward.


Small Office network situation here at home, struggling to keep XP Pro Desktop, Old Win '98 Archives and E Mail 'puter; and 2 XP laptops (wireless) sharing files etc.... My desktop has been having memory problems using Elements 5 (have the full allowable 2 Gigs of memory on board) and my backups with Carbonite have ceased as they still cannot back up my EHD's and that's where all my photo's and scrapping reside!


Money is scarce and hubbies laptop is also in need of expanding - So I see the purchase of 1 computer with huge capacity HD's huge amounts of RAM, and the best video card out there! Then Hubby can have this desk top - doubling his hard drive capacity. I hated VISTA - tried for a full year and 1/2 to get used to it, so I'm terrified of this move to Windows 7 - but understand that a free download enables it to use all my XP compliant software (Is this correct?) However I do not know if we can network the other OS machines with that???


Has anyone had experience with the new OS and have any pros or cons????

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Hi Jan...its been awhile since I did networking and I don't have the new OS (yet) but if you do get a brand new computer make sure its similiar to the gamer's computers as those are capable of doing what needs doing or if you are willing to go the way of the MAC's...I'd suggest you go that route. Lately quite a few of our SG's have gotten MACs aka in laptops and so forth.

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I would be careful. We have had Win7 since March on our desktop. It refused to communicate and network with older versions of Windows Vista or XP. If you are planning on upgrading to Win7 I would recommend doing all the computers. They will be more stable (not as stable as a mac, but better than XP or Vista.) Also you can get the upgrade cheaper if you buy a 3 pack. It is about $120 for one upgrade and about $150 for three (I didn't check the prices so they may be wrong.) Now that both my desktop and laptop are running Win7 they are getting along really well.


I think the idea of getting yourself a new more efficient computer is smart. The 2Gb computer will do for most things. Also Win7 doesn't require as much Ram as Vista did. My desktop is running Win7 with 2 Gb of Ram. I only crash it occasionally while I am using PSE and the Tablet. I just remember to save often.

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Hi CanJan - I don't know if I can be much help to you because I've been having memory problems and freeze ups with my laptop as well. I do have it networked to my main PC, with the bulk of my files on the PC. They are both XP's, pre-duocore and pre-Vista. I know that a lot of the larger programs, especially Paint programs, have expanding files which need a lot of space to expand, work, then contract. Your temporary files for this process can become very large. I keep thinking I should check that setting and make the files size larger, but just don't get to it. I did a cleanup and defrag a couple of weeks ago and that helped, but I've been doing a lot of with PSP and surfing, so it probably needs done again. I also clean out my browser nightly.


Several years ago, a computer geek, told me to never have over half of your hard drive space full because it will slow your computer down too much. I believe it, because mine is just a little over half full and I am having problems.


You may want to rethink using an 98 programs in your XP computers. Files should be okay but programs could be causing problems. As for XP7 being compliant with Vista - I don't know but you won't likey have any more problems with it than you did with Vista. I would be more concerned about 98 programs because there was a big jump in programing from 98 to XP. 98 was great for gaming! This new XP7 is supposed to be based more on the old XP, with Vista highlights but who knows. Someone at your favourite computer store could probably give you some really good info.


I know that I need a new laptop too. I have read all the threads that I can find in here, surfed the web and spoke to several computer salespeople, as well as members of ScrapGirls and the main piece of information that I have gotten, is that Mac's are the best computers, especially for graphics. They are made for graphics programs and most big name programs that you would want are written for Mac as well as PC. I'm not sure about PSP but you are using PS and Mac is compatible with all Adobe Products.


Viruses are written for PC's, so you don't get them in Mac's. You would have less, slow downs, reboots and time spent with download updates because of this. Mac's are made to last 5 years before you start to have software clashes, whereas PC's are 3 years. Mac's can also be networked with PC's or laptops. Mac has a great destop and is very user friendly, but if you wish, you can use Windows in the Mac environment. (From what I've seen on a display model, I could live without Windows) Mac's are very streamlined and look great. I'm sure there's more but I just can't think of it right now. The only downside that I've found so far is that Mac's are more expensive, but you don' have to worry about paying for antivirus/antispam/antianything with a Mac.


I can't afford a new computer right now either, just window shopping! For now, I have purchased a 2 tg memory book to keep all my program zips, files and backups on, because I'm afraid of losing everything. I just need to get it hooked up and filled up. I am also hoping that I can use it like an extra drive, via the network, so I don't have to keep any files on my computers, other than the programs themselves.


A brief recap:


--- If it's been a while, do a cleanup and defrag. Clean out your browser nightly.


--- Check temporary file size and make it larger to see if that helps. If it slows things down more you can always change it back, so remember to write down the original settings if there is no default settings button. FIRST - Do a System Restore.


--- Computers are only built to last 3 to 5 years before they are obsolete for the new upgrades and programs. An honest computer dealer will tell you this. Do your homework before you buy another, especially if you like to work with graphics.


--- I do think that a memory storage unit, seperate to the computer, is a good idea if your computer is on its last legs or you have a new screamer. Anything can happen and it could make the difference to whether you lose all your files.


I hope that something I have said is helpful and hopefully someone else will come along and be able to help you further. :-)

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I have two of our computers on W7, another on V Ultimate and one on XP. The two with W7 networked together seamlessly. The VU logs on hit or miss and the XP not at all. I agree with going all W7 if you can. There is a tool you can download and run that will tell you on each of your machines if they will work with W7 and if not what parts are non compliant. I strongly suggest running this BEFORE ordering anything.


I never had any issues with Vista on any of my machines and really like W7, there are some things we don't like but they are easily turned off. Drivers were installed without my doing anything and dd loves that she can print from her room downstairs through the network. I like having her music at my fingertips! LOL

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Thanks everyone for your words of wisdom. New puter specs look like this:

Motherboard: ASUS MOBO w/GeForce 7025 Chipset,

CPU: Althlon II X2 240 2.8GHz,


Hard Drive 1TB HDD + 1.5TB HDD


• Chipset: nForce 630a

• Memory Supported: 533/667/800/1066MHz

• Maximum Memory Supported: 4GB

• Memory Expansion Slots: 2 - This worries me - Will 4Gig be enough since I am crashing PSE5 with 2 Gig???


Memory Type: DDR2

Memory Supported: ECC


533MHz DDR2

667MHz DDR2

800MHz DDR2

1066MHz DDR2

Max. Memory Supported Per Slot: 2GB

Channels: 6 Channels

LAN Type: 10/100Mbps

RAID Support: Yes

RAID Modes: 0



PCI Slots: 1

PCI Express X1 Slots: 1

PCI Express X16 Slots: 1

PS/2 Keyboard Connectors: 1

PS/2 Mouse Connectors: 1

Serial Communication Ports: 1

USB Ports: 10

USB Rear Panel Ports: 4

USB Onboard Headers: 3 - (expandable to 6 USB ports)

LAN Ports: 1

IDE Headers: 1

Serial ATA 3.0Gb/s Headers: 2

ATX Power Connectors: 1 24-Pin Connector

PC Power Connectors: 1 - 4 Pin

VGA Ports:




NOT planning to use Win'98 programs with new 'puter - just need to network with XP machines - the Win '98 can continue as stand-alone - it's just there to hold some archives and download a certain e-mail address.


Already have several EHD's for back-up, but they can crash also Carbonite can not back them up, so there seems no really safe way to preserve them - ah well - it's only stuff - right???


Do you all think PSE 5 will work fine with Win 7 Pro ???? Am I going to be forced to upgrade PSE as well???


(((((Hugs)))) to all who replied

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You have 4 memory slots. Each is allowed a maximum of 2GB per slot...that means you should theoretically be able to upgrade to 8 GB if you have 2GB per slot. Check with your local computer guy and ask.

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I've read similar concerns about backups with multiple computers. I do have software that will backup multiple comuters but I don't want them all buzzing away at the same time and slowing everything down. I like to be able to play with my laptop, so I used the PC more like a server. My PC is older, so I have a router to network my laptop to it. All of my files are on the PC and I access them with the laptop, via the network drive. My EHD is hooked up to the PC and all files are backed up to it, including the laptop drive.


I burn purchased files that have no discs of there own for extra safety. Having the network set up this way, I can play on my already, older and slow laptop without more slowdowns because of lengthy backups. When the PC is backing up, it doesn't slow down what I am doing with the files. I don't know if this setup would work with Vista or 7, since my equipment is all on XP but it might be worth a try.


I have 98 too and When I get another PC, I will load 98 into my old one, so I can play those old games that won't work with the newer programs. It won't need to be on the network or Internet for the games, so no need for updates or worrying about viruses. :-) I know a lot of the older games have been updated for the newer systems, but I already own them, so why buy them again? My grand-kids would certainly enjoy playing them too.


As for the new computer, it looks like it will do what you want it to for a while. PC's are only made to last for 3 years, while Mac's have a 5 year life span, before you start having clashes because of new software and software/harware upgrades/updates. If you are concerned about the memory slots, like Vaughnde says, check with your computer guru or call a few different places to see what kind of info you can get. A gig is still a lot of space, so doubling your space should make a signifigant difference for a while, depending on what you run.


You definately have enough memory and speed to do what you want for a while, compared to what you had, I'm sure you'll be impressed. I'd be interested in what you think of it, once you've had a chance to use it for a bit. I'm not too familiar with the the graphics card, so can't say anything about it - most can be upgraded if needed. :-)


I'm still not sure whether I want to change over to Mac, for a laptop or not. I will need to stay with PC for desktop because there are a lot of programs that I have, that aren't compatible with Mac and there's no way that I'll replace them all. I forgot to check out file types and extensions. I need the files to be compatible, in order to keep my network setup. More info for another day. lol Have fun with your new computer! :-)



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You should be good. With the 2 expansion slots your will be able to bring up your Ram to 8 Gb, as Vaughnde said. I run PSE on only 4 GB and it runs great. Win7 doesn't hog the Ram like Vista and is a little more stable. You should be able to run PSE5 on Win7. All this said, because you are running Windows there will be an occasional computer crash. This is not due to anything you may do wrong. It will happen. Save your work often and you will be fine. Microsoft designed Windows to protect your computer during a crash. That isn't to say nothing will ever go wrong. If a crash happens just consider it a freeing of you Ram and keep going. With 4 GB of Ram and Win7 your computer will restart really fast. You will be able to grab a snack and keep on creating.


Have fun with your new computer!

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If it says max Ram supported is 4 Gig that is all you will get even if you add more if will only see the 4 Gig. I think with the size of your hard drives for virtual memory or scratch memory you should be fine. The Operating System also makes a difference with how much Ram you can add, the 64 bit OS allows for more Ram than a 32 bit. Some programs don't run on the 64 bit yet, especially the older ones.

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