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Folder Structure

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What is .abr file?

I got a holiday brush set that contained both .png and .abr do I need both or do I just use one or the other?


How do you arrange a "set" in your folder structure?

fI got STI_Promise which has:

alpha singles






Word Art


Do you have a folder named STI_Promise that contains all the subsets or do you break it apart and put the papers under backgrounds, the embellishments under embellishments.......etc?


Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


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Hi LaRae! First let me welcome you to ScrapGirls!


.abr files are brushes, they all come with accompanying .png files for those who don't have a program that can use .abr files OR for those who'd like to use the images without using them as brushes for whatever reason. I am not sure what program you use, but if you use PS CS or higher, you can just drag and drop that ABR file into your workspace and your brushes will be loaded.


When I get a kit, I unzip all the files and cut and paste everything in one big kit folder. The only exception is alphas; I always keep them in a folder by themselves (within the kit folder), so that I don't have to scroll through those to see the rest of the kit's goodies. I like to keep my kits together, but others break them up and sort by folders. For example, they'll have all buttons in one folder, all ribbons in another, all neutral paper in another, all striped paper in another, and so on. There really is no wrong way to do it -- whatever works for you is the right way!



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Welcome! I use the following folders for my (color) collections: Alphas, Embellishments, Papers, WordArt, Zoom. (ScrapSimple is a bit different structure.) I usually put the "mini" papers with the regular papers, and sometimes the Zoom papers also. I use tagging for further organization independent of the folder structure.


At the top level, "Promise STI," I include ALL the preview pages, marketing samples, etc. If the kit does not come with the marketing pages, you can drag them right from the hover/preview in Firefox to the folder and Windows will automatically save them.


This allows me to preview the kit colors/styling very quickly without opening subfolders. My Promise STI folder looks like this:


As Jennifer said, there's really no right or wrong way; you may have to experiment (re-organize a bit) to figure out what works for you. Hope this helps.

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If you use Picasa to search for things, it's not as important to separate things by type. That's the reason most people split up their kits - it made searching in Windows much easier.

I think it still makes sense for freebies for a collection you don't own, and since I've been splitting up kits for 3 years, I probably won't go back and reunite them.

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