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Carla S

Altering Templates

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I am just wondering how to change a part of a template?

I have recently purchased the My Life series of templates (which I ADORE!) and wanted to use some of the pages for my son who is three. I wanted to change the heading on the title page from 'My Life' so that it says 'My first 3 years'. I have PSE8 and am using the PSD file. When I click on the title and select it it looks selected but when I click on the text tool I can't seem to alter the heading in any way. I would also like to change the colour of the title too and couldn't work out how to do that either.

However, down the bottom where there is a space to type my sons name, I am able to change the text and change the text colour no worries. I am wondering how come I can't do the same for the title? Does this mean that maybe the title isn't text maybe it is something else?


Cheers, Carla

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Carla, look in your Layers Palette for the title layer. If there's an image of the title there, then it's a set image - pixels, rather than a font, just like any other element on your template. If there's a "T" there, then it's a text layer and you can edit it.


Does that help?


If that doesn't clear it up, let me know and I'll take a quick peek at those templates for you and see if I can see what you're seeing. :)

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