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I got into scrapbooking in 1995 when I went to a Creative Memories presentation at a local MOMS Club. I was a Creative Memories Consultant for about a year and then decided to branch out.....

In 1996 I founded which was the first online scrapbooking community (outside of AOL). From 1996 to 1999 I was the creative force behind My husband is a business applications programmer and he provided the progamming help I needed for the site and was gracious enough to attend trade shows like HIA with me and even scrapbooking conventions. I was the first person to attend a trade show and share all the great new product information with my scrapbooking friends on

DH and I attended the first ever Scrapbooking Convention put on by Vicky Breslin [url=""][/url] and Lindsay Ostrom [url=""][/url] and author of *many* popular books on handwriting and doodling for scrapbookers. I organized the first scrapbooking cruise for scrapbookers and DH helped me out in that endavor as well!!

In 1998 Bantam Dell approached me to co-author The Simple Art of Scrapbooking : Tips, Techniques, and 30 Special Album Ideas for Creating Memories That Last a Lifetime.

I worked with Cropper Hopper to launch their online scrapbooking presence on and also serverd as the Cropper Hopper webmaster for a period of time.

I've written numerous articles for trade and consumer publications as well as being featured in interviews as a scrapbook industry expert.

In 1999 I sold because of complications my husband suffered after surgery and took a hiatus. However, I am still a stockholder in the company that owns

In early 2004, the scrapbooking bug bit me again. Since then, I have been working on a number of projects including a new paper line. At this time I am Vice President of Sales and Affiliate Programs here at ScrapGirls so I have a chance to keep in touch with the great people I know in the scrapbooking industry.

I am also a Diva Writer for
[url=""][/url] and will be helping to create a new MMD University program for the MMD website.

In addition to with my DH, Mark, I have a ten year old son, Drew, who is a GATE student and keeps me on my toes!! Right now we live on an acre of property out in the Southern California desert. I've been taking advantage of this "country" opportunity after mainly being a city girl by building my own menagerie. Right now we have 3 adult cats, 2 kittens, 1 dog, 5 chickens and a goose so if I get tired of scrapbooking people I've got lots of animals that I can immortalize!!
Jennia Hart
Vice President of Sales and Affiliate Programs

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Hello Everyone,
I am Ro's niece, Kristi Porter. I started scraping about 15 years ago in High School. A lot has changed since then with scrapbooking and with me. I have been married to a wonderful man, Christian, for ten years now. We live in Tooele, Utah with our three wonderful boys. Brayden, Teag, and Cole keep me busy in everyday life and keep my scrapbooking a never ending joy to accomplish.
Ro and I had a dream about three years ago to change scrapbooking in a revolutionary way. Back then, we really did not have a clear direction to head until this dream was born. I began with Ro and Erin in the beginning stages of ScrapGirls! I was fully intending to go the distance as a full manager until I started noticing problems with my oldest son. Brayden is autistic and was beginning to fall into the darkness that some never come out of. I decided to take a different path.... all the time knowing I could never abandon this dream completely. So here I am a designer for ScrapGirls and a lover of anything scrappy. I will continue to have a small role in this wonderful business while going to school to be a special ed teacher.
Now a little more about myself....
I have always loved anything artistic and beautiful. I've always had too many interests to narrow down, but my love of art has never changed. Scraping is the perfect combination for me. I love my family and I love putting their memories down in fun and unique ways.
I love ice cream, fruit, and cheescake. I love to read good books, walk around my neighborhood, swim with my kids, and look at home improvement/design magazines.
If I could live anywhere in the world I would live in Montana in a mountain get away or in Hawaii in a nice beach resort- two different worlds I know, but that's me. If I could travel anywhwere I would probably go someplace exotic in a hidden corner of the world.
So that's a little about me..... I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you a little better.

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