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1 minute ago, Becster said:

It has nothing to do with birds, it's a Weight Watcher quote.

Put it in the ATC gallery anyway. We'll all scratch our heads wondering what it has to do with birds, but we'll enjoy it and leave some love. :) 

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7 hours ago, Becster said:

No, I changed it after we chatted! 

Oh, Becky I laughed outloud when I saw it, what a delight!    I'm glad I hadn't missed it, I thought if I did I was REALLY losing it!   THANK YOU and Happy Halloween!  :rofl:

7 hours ago, Becster said:

Thanks for the info and the love! :wub:  I made an ATC that's not part of the challenge. Should I upload it to the ATC gallery anyway?

Sure, always ok to upload to the Gallery.   We did that with Art Journaling layouts, didn't matter if it was part of the chat/"theme" it was always welcome in the Gallery!  Same here, it's the ATC Gallery whatever you create!  

I saw your ATC thumbnail on the MB, just heading over there to look at it full sized.   Looks like another smile.... :)

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