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Acdsee Starting With New Database ?

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Hi! I am loving ACDSee 12 for organizing. I have already tagged (put in "categories" as ACDSee calls it) quite a bit of stuff, but my backup is NOT working. (I've tried backup wizard AND export databse, neither works) I've been talking with their online tech support, but it takes a long time to get each response, so at this point I'm asking a question here before I proceed with their instructions!


I *have* embedded the info in/with the image files. They are telling me the best thing is to make ACDSee start with a fresh new database because maybe there's something wrong with the old one. ? Anyway, here's what they said, and then my question to you:


"The catalogued images (JPG, Tiff, PNG, etc,) and other media files (Audio, Video) will not be affected. However, any database information (Captions, Notes, Keywords, Ratings, and Categories) entered into ACDSee since initial installation will not be available after ACDSee restarts."


I'm okay with having to type in all my category titles again, I will make an accurate record of them all before proceeding. But I don't really understand what they're saying here. Does this mean I'll have to re-tag everything (put into their categories all over again?) Or is the category info for each file part of the info it embeds, and they will show up when the new database is built once I type in all my categories again? I'm a bit scared to try this without knowing first! Since not having to redo all that is exactly the reason to back up in the first place. :-P


Also any other suggestions if you've had the same problem are welcome. :-)

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