Cathedral Glass 6401 Style And Opalescent Style

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I purchased the cathedral glass 6401 and Opalescent glass 6401 styles and I can't quite figure out how to use them. Are there any instructions?

The advertising shows a butterfly with different colors in it. I can't seem to recreate the same affect. (different colors) Do I have to select each area of the butterfly separately? What is the best way to do this?

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I had a similar problem and this is what I was told to do:




In photoshop, I use my magic wand, click inside the area I want filled, and then use the paint bucket tool to fill it with a colour, the colour doesn't matter as the styles become the colour. Then I select a style. I sometimes place each colour on a different layer OR I hold down the shift key to select multiple areas that will be the same colour and place those on 1 layer.


Steps in order:


* Place Suncatcher Brush on a layer, add wire or other metal style.

* Add another layer below the Suncatcher for a Paint or filled area, one layer per colour, name them so it's easy to tell them apart.

* Go back to Suncatcher, click inside area(s) to colour with magic wand.

* Use Paint bucket tool to fill, select Glass style.

* Repeat as needed.




Hope that helps. Also download the free ScrapSimple Instructions Handbook in the boutique under freebies. Lots of helpful tips/tutorials in there.

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Welcome, Sally! And to go further on Carol's instructions, make sure CONTIGUOUS is NOT checked when you want to select one "open" area and have the program select all of them for you. Then you can apply the style once for all those areas. So in answer to your question, you can choose which areas to color, or have it do all "like" areas at once. You can also set your selection tool to "ADDITIVE" mode, and select more than one section to which you'd apply the style.

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