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Hi everyone

Does anyone use Photoshop CS4 on windows 7 (64 bit). I have installed it fine. I can open it fine but then if I try to do anything it just simply freezes and windows reports it has stopped working and shuts it down. I don't understand it as I use CS3 with no problems. I have the creative suite and I have tried the 32 bit version and the 64 bit version of photoshop and they both do the same?? Oh my!! I am thinking about giving up and staying with CS3 especially as I have now upgraded to 4 GB Ram and its made a huge difference. I honestly thought photoshop was this slow for everyone that used it!!!! Hee hee


Thanks for your help in advance



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I use CS4 with Windows 7, 64 bit. If you haven't done so, try installing again by RIGHT-CLICKING the setup file and selecting Run as Administrator, even if you're in an admin account. It made a difference for me on MANY programs. Hope this helps.

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