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ABCs of GIRLS names!


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Yes Jaclyn. Funny story a long time ago I was trying to get siri to send a text to her

me: send text Jaclyn 
Siri: I don’t find Jacqueline in your contacts 
Me: Jac lyn
Siri: says what it said above
This repeats one more time 
Me: (quite annoyed) JAC  LYN
Siri: Did you mean Graceland? 

I haven’t used siri since. :banghead:

Kaitlyn niece on Rick’s side. 

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OMG Kelly, I actually laughed out loud, that's SO funny!   Siri can really be snarky at times.  
I like that spelling, it's really pretty.



Your girls both have pretty names.  So do Amy's!


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Oh that's funny about the other games, just like "nachos"!
My Grandma was Mary - actually "Maria" in Italian.   My Mom said my name had to be a form of Mary for religious reasons she believed, but she also liked that it was for Grandma, too.


a friend's little sister!

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