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Newbie To Lightroom 3

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Yesterday I downloaded the 30 day trial of Ltghtroom 3. I had a blast clicking and learning, more clicking that learning though! :lol:


I came up with a few images I wanted to use in PSE, so in LR I sent them to PSE. Then I wanted to save them in PSE too. That is where my question comes... as I was trying to figure this out my DH said "Try the help file". HA! Help file! Why would I do that? SG is my help file!! :lol: So here I am at the best help file anywhere!


This is what I did in PSE with my LR image that I want to save:


Save as

Chose a folder

Tried to choose a format to save as (this is the question part) the options PSE gives me are:


Photoshop (PSD PDD)

Photoshop Project Format (PSD)

Photoshop PDF (PDF PDP)

Photshop Raw (RAW)



Which one do I pick? Jpeg isn't on the list, I thought I could save as a Jpeg.


If I click on save as TIFF

I get a whole new set of options:


Image compression




JPEG (this one is greyed out)


Pixel Order

Interleaved RGBRGB

Per Channel RRGGBB


I don't know what to do. I've only saved photos as jpegs. Can't get more basic than how to save an image!

I know I will LOVE LR, and it's going on my Christmas list, I just need to figure these little things out first, then move onto the fun stuff.


Thanks ladies!!!

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When I export and save from LR I save it back to a folder in Pictures. Then open in PS. When I save, I often save as TIFF, higher quality and doesn't degrade image with every opening. I do get a dialog box when I do that, but I think I just close it without making any changes. Enjoy playing with your trial version, but don't buy yet....LR4 Beta is out for the public and so will likely be going on the market soon and then LR3 will be defunct.

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Thanks Sandi, I have had time to play and to begin to figure things out. My DD bought me a copy of LR3 this fall. I'm sure it will be good enough for me for a long time! I do need to find an online, work at my own pace LR class, because I know I am barely scratching the surface of what it can do.

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