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Backing Up Lightroom

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I have Lightroom 2 and I LOVE it for importing pictures, adjusting and keeping track of my pictures, and I dutifully back it up to my external hard drive. Let me tell you what I just learned, however. My laptop power cord is not working. My BF is going to attempt to solder a few wires to get it back working, but my laptop is on its last leg so I thought it would be a good time to transfer all my data to our new house computer (no more working/chatting in bed :( ) anyway, lucky for me, my son's laptop cord works on my laptop so I spent two hours or more backing up all data to my ehd so I could transfer all my brushes, styles, supplies, etc. The only thing I forgot was my itunes library which I will do tonight.


Well I did a backup of my Lightroom 2 catalog and thought I would just restore from backup on the new computer. The Lightroom back up DOES NOT BACKUP PICTURES! It only backups your catalog settings, tags and change settings to photographs. You have to move your pictures over separate. It is a good thing I realized this before I had a hard drive crash. I thought I was being so responsible backing up my catalog to my ehd on a regular basis. Luckily, I have that cord so that I can go get the photos on the hard drive, and also lucky I found this out now not when it was too late.


So, if you have Lightroom, please remember to back up your picture folders too, not just the Lightroom catalog!!!



Getting of my soapbox now!

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